Andi Peters

Andi Peters

Andi Peters is to host a brand new daytime game show for ITV called Ejector Seat.

The fast-paced general knowledge quiz will see contestants literally ejected from their seats if they fail to answer a series of questions correctly.

Six contestants will take part per episode, sitting in seats at the top of a track that leads backwards toward an edge.

Those who answer general knowledge questions correctly can stay sitting happily in their seats, but if they answer incorrectly they'll travel backwards, and will continue to move back until they answer a question correctly.

If they reach the edge, they're tipped backwards out of their seat and are out of the game.

Each round a contestant is ejected until only one is left sitting, and that final contestant will play a final round for the chance to win up to £10,000.

Andi Peters comments, “Ejector Seat is a game show like no other. It takes the traditional quiz format – posing general knowledge questions to contestants - with six ejector seats in an impressive and iconic setting! I’m delighted to be making my return to television presenting with such an exciting and fun format which literally has contestants on the edge of their seats.”

The series is to launch this April on ITV.

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