Amanda Holden thinks 'I Can See Your Voice' goes against "everything" society has been taught.

Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden

The 50-year-old actress stars alongside Alison Hammond and Jimmy Carr on the BBC show - in which the panel can see the contestants but they can't hear them - and Amanda loves the innovative concept.

She said: "It kind of goes against everything we as a society have been taught, which is, 'Try not to judge anything by its appearance.' But that's exactly what we're doing, because it's all we've got."

'I Can See Your Voice' relies on guessing elements more than most Saturday night programmes, and Amanda is keen to stress how it differs from other TV shows.

The blonde beauty suggested that it's less cruel than other formats.

She told the BBC: "The bad singers know they're bad. They're not there to be discovered as the next Adele, they're there for the £10,000."

Amanda also became more invested in the show as the series unfolded.

She explained: "At the very end, you suddenly go, 'Oh my god this has to be serious now,' because we've got to know and love the couple who are playing for the money. We've got to know all about them, their kids, their back story, and so you're really rooting for them to win."

Meanwhile, Paddy McGuinness - the show's host - has admitted to initially having some doubts about the format.

The 'Top Gear' star said: "On paper, I thought, 'Is this going to work?' But it works beautifully.

"I looked forward to being on the studio floor and seeing the relationship between those three develop, and I loved it when they started arguing amongst each other."