Sally Ann Mathews and her former 'Coronation Street' co-star Amanda Barrie have discovered they are cousins.

Amanda Barrie

Amanda Barrie

The pair were left shocked when they found out on ITV show 'Coronation Street's DNA Secrets' - which aired last night (05.09.18) and explored the genealogical links of several cast members - that they are distantly related to one another.

Sally - who plays Jenny Connor in the soap - said: "I am so surprised, but thrilled. In a bizarre kind of way, of course it was Amanda.

"That's what's really weird about it."

Amanda - who portrayed Alma Halliwell on the show from 1981 to 2001 - added: "Funnily enough, I always felt close to Sally Ann. Now I feel extremely close and extremely proud."

Sally, 47, and Amanda were left even more shocked when they were told both of their 'Corrie' characters were married to factory owners, with Alma's husband Mike Baldwin (Johnny Briggs) and Jenny's hubby Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley) both previously owning Underworld.

Sally starred alongside Amanda during her first stint in 'Corrie' in the late 80s and early 90s, and the 82-year-old star joked she was pleased to find out she is related to the actress because she might need some of her organs.

She said: "Have you found any money in the family, darling?

"I thought I would come around the corner you would go, 'Oh no.'

"I've always liked you. I'm also relieved that now I'm so old you might have organs to spare."

But Sally joked: "You're not having my kidney, but I'll buy you a cup of tea."

Sally also pointed out she has always noticed that she and Amanda share the "same cheeky sense of humour".

She said: "We share the same cheeky sense of humour, dancing."

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