Alexandra Mardell has paid tribute to her late father four years after his passing.

Alexandra Mardell

Alexandra Mardell

The 'Coronation Street' star took to Instagram to remember her dad after he died of a heart attack aged 54 in 2016, and admitted she smiles to herself every time she hears a song they both loved because she feels it is his way "of saying hi".

She wrote: "4 years today since you became our angel in the sky.

"But since you've gone, if I hear your song, it doesn't make me cry.

"It could be on the radio or a busker I pass by.

"I smile, because I know that it's your way of saying hi. (sic)"

Alexandra recently admitted she became a "stronger person" after portraying a grieving daughter when her 'Coronation Street' character lost her father - after going through the same experience in real life.

The star - who plays Emma Brooker on the ITV soap - said: "It's very strange doing a storyline that happened to you in real life.

"I guess it's made me a stronger person.

"Luckily, because of my friends and family, I had the time to properly grieve so it didn't bring me down when I had to revisit those emotions.

"I could just do the job and go home.

"My dad wouldn't want me to get down again, and it's my job. You play the part and carry on."

When Emma discovered her dad had died she later found out that Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) was her real father - and Alexandra was pleased to be acting out the plot alongside the cobbles veteran because he kept playing funny pranks on her.

She added: "Simon is so funny on set. The emotional scenes were so hard because he's a prankster.

"He put something under my cushion which went off with a bang when I sat down."

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