Alex George and Amelia Bath have split up.

Alex George and Amelia Bath

Alex George and Amelia Bath

The 'Love Island' star and Amelia had been dating since 2018 but they were kept apart during the Covid-19 pandemic as Dr Alex worked on the frontlines, battling the virus for the NHS.

He wrote on Instagram: "Guys just want to let you know, Amelia and I have decided to go our separate ways.

"As you know, we've been apart for most of lockdown which has been hard on us both and we both agree this is for the best.

"We will remain good friends and I have nothing but respect for Amelia. Thank you for the love and support always."

Back in April, Alex admitted he was missing Amelia and had been finding self-isolating in his London flat, between hospital shifts, extremely tough

He said: "It's a strange parallel - craving rest yet dreading time off - fuelled by the fact I'm now living, like so many medics, in isolation in the flat I'd normally be sharing with my girlfriend, Amelia. And it's all such a far cry from my 'Love Island' experience, which is, of course, what made me famous.

"I haven't seen Amelia or any friends or family for four weeks now. Going home from a frantically busy and noisy A&E department to the silence of an empty flat is tough. There's no one to offload to; no opportunity to touch or be held."

Alex also admitted he didn't want to burden Amelia with the trauma of what he was dealing with in the hospital, so they kept their conversations light.

He said: "She's isolating with her parents in Bournemouth, a place we've visited together many times. It feels like a world away now. I don't talk about work - I feel it would be too upsetting for Amelia, an actress and dancer with no medical experience, if I off-loaded on her.

"Instead, I enjoyed listening to her talk about taking walks on the beach and the meals she's shared with her parents. I need that kind of distraction."