Alan Carr will pay tribute to the late Sir Bruce Forsyth on ITV's 'Epic Gameshow'.

Alan Carr by Andy Hollingworth

Alan Carr by Andy Hollingworth

The British funnyman has revealed he's set to use the entertainer's famous catchphrases on the upcoming show, which will revive five iconic gameshows, including Bruce's 'Price is Right' and 'Play Your Cards Right'.

Alan told The Mirror Online: "There will be a tribute to Brucie, of course.

"We got some old photos out.

"We have filmed it already and it works. The energy in the room when I did it was amazing.

"We used all the old catchphrases like, 'Nothing for a pair. Not in this game'. It was so amazing to do."

The 43-year-old comedian recalled how the late former 'Strictly Come Dancing' co-host - who passed away in August 2017 at the age of 89 - was the first to appear on his comedy show 'Chatty Man', which was axed in 2016, in 2009.

He said: "Brucie was my first-ever guest on 'Chatty Man.'"

Meanwhile, Alan admitted he's "jealous" of how many A-List stars James Corden manages to get on his US show 'The Late Late Show', which has attracted the likes of Sir Paul McCartney, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and even his close friend Adele, on the 'Carpool Karaoke' segment.

He said: "I loved Chatty Man but you can learn more from Instagram than you can me talking to someone."

He added: "He can get 50 million views on YouTube because of 'Carpool Karaoke', so why are they going to talk to me?

"I get a bit jealous when I see James Corden doing pastiches. I could not do that on 'Chatty Man'.

"You get three guests and you are stuck to those three guests."