Marc Elliott and John Partridge

Marc Elliott and John Partridge

Marc Elliott only intended to say in 'EastEnders' for three years.

The actor - who plays gay character Syed Masood in the BBC soap - will soon be leaving with partner Christian Clarke (John Partridge), but while he is excited to be going on to try new things, he will not say if they will be departing together or separately.

He said: "Will we leave together? I can't say. You won't know until the last minute what is to become of them.

"I always intended to do three years and ended up doing three years and seven months. I thought it was time to flex some acting muscles."

The pair are due to get married on Albert Square next Friday (19.10.12), and he admits it will be a typical drama-filled 'EastEnders' marriage.

He told SoapLife magazine: "He does turn up. But he leaves Christian hanging on for a long time."

Next week will also see Marc hit Danny Pennant (Gary Lucy) just moments after the two go in for a kiss.