Liz Dawn

Liz Dawn

Liz Dawn "cried for days" after the death of Bill Tarmey.

The 73-year-old actress played the late actor's on-screen wife Vera Duckworth in ITV soap 'Coronation Street' for 30 years and formed such a special bond with Bill that she she feels she will never meet someone as "kind" and thoughtful as him.

She explained in an interview with the Sunday Mirror newspaper: "Bill was my best friend and I loved him dearly. I will never meet anybody so kind and generous. He had the heart of a lion and I miss him terribly.

"I cried and cried for days. I'd sit there and think about all the times we spent together. All the laughter we shared. The days on the Street. The holidays our two families shared.

"When someone dies, you often cry for yourself and what you have lost."

Bill, who died last November at his home in Tenerife after ongoing health problems, joined the Street as Vera's love interest Jack Duckworth in 1979 and Liz remembers how the friendly Northerner use to "direct" her through their scenes to make her feel more comfortable - especially when her health deteriorated from emphysema.

She explained: "When you work with someone so long and you know them so well it becomes so special. He use to look after me. He made everything so easy. He actually used to direct me.

"He also use to alter the script to make it easier for me when my health got worse. There'd be things in the script like, 'Vera is at sink doing washing up with Jack in chair'.

"He'd say to me: 'No kid, I'll do the pots. And you rest up'. He was always helping me out, right until the end."