Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue may snub a return to 'The X Factor' for the sake of her son.

The Australian singer - who has ten-month-old Ethan with ex-boyfriend Kris Smith - is widely thought to be returning to the show after Kelly Rowland dropped out of a second year, but she has hinted she may not accept Simon Cowell's offer.

She told Marie Claire magazine: "Ethan has his little routine now. He has swimming lessons. He has things that are more important to him.

"I don't want to unsettle him to follow me around the globe. The guilt of going back to work floods you. I try to take it all in my stride, but when it affects my loved ones I feel an internal struggle with the love for my work.

"Fame and work have always had an impact on my family since I went into this business at seven. It's all I know."

However, insiders close to the show revealed they were so desperate to have her back they were even considering allowing her to miss some auditions to continue working on 'Australia's Got Talent'.

A source said: "Simon has always been a fan of Dannii's - and she is keen for a return to Britain after the end of her relationship with Kris.

"Rejoining 'The X Factor' would be ideal. Producers are really keen to make it happen - and Dannii's team feel it would be the perfect move."