'Little Britain' star Matt Lucas says he always wanted to be a serious actor - but his looks got in the way of his ambition. The 31-year-old, who shot to fame in the hugely popular comedy sketch show, desperately wanted to make it as a true thespian but realised he never could because of his alopecia - a condition that makes sufferer's hair fall out. He revealed: "I wanted to be a serious actor, then at 16 I looked in the mirror and went, 'Oh'. "I always got cast in funny roles, probably because I had no hair. The way I look makes it hard to get work as an actor. "I started with stand-up when I was 18 and I got spotted by Bob Mortimer - that was how I ended up on 'Shooting Stars'.

Lucas also claims he loves acting because it allows him to escape the mundane routine of real life.

The comedic actor, who created the hit BBC sketch show with writing partner David Walliams, says he finds acting liberating because of the unusual characters he gets to play. He told Britain's OK magazine: "It's immensely liberating being someone else. If you run along naked, people think you're mad. But do it with a camera, and you win a BAFTA!"

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