'Little Britain' stars Matt Lucas and David Walliams have banned Hollywood heartthrobs Johnny Depp and George Clooney from appearing on the show.The handsome actors have both revealed they would love to have cameo roles in the cult comedy - but the show's creators claim the movie stars are too famous to feature in their sketches.David explained: "It could really unbalance the show. I mean, characters like Lou and Andy would never meet George Clooney."Matt added in an interview with Britain's Radio Times magazine: "There will be no cameos from the stratospherically famous. We try to save celebrity appearances for 'Comic Relief'."On the charity show earlier this year, Matt and David were joined by a host of famous faces, including Sir Elton John, who was interviewed by 'the only gay in the village' Daffydd, and George Michael, who made a surprise birthday appearance for wheelchair-bound Andy.Meanwhile, Robbie Williams dressed in drag alongside 'rubbish transvestite' Emily Howard and talk show host Trisha Goddard tried to reunite wayward teen Vicky Pollard with her long lost dad.

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