'Buffy' star Anthony Head will appear in the new series of 'Doctor Who'. The actor, who played the vampire slayer's mentor Giles, has been lined up for a role alongside Billie Piper and new Timelord David Tennant. Sources are speculating that Anthony will play the Doctor's greatest ever arch-enemy, The Master. The villain first appeared in the cult sci-fi series in the Seventies, when he was played by actor Roger Delgrado. However, BBC bosses are refusing to confirm or deny the casting rumours, which emerged on an internet fan site. An insider told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "We can't say anything, other than confirm that Anthony Head is going to feature in an episode called 'School Reunion', in which he'll play the Headmaster." Since 'Buffy' finished, Anthony has appeared in hit comedy series 'Little Britain' as the Prime Minister desperately trying to fight off his the affections of his besotted assistant Sebastian, played by David Walliams.

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