We all love a good hero, no matter their 'species'. There's your typical heroes, anti-heroes, super-heroes and many others that all fall into the same category.

So we've decided to take a look at five of our favourite heroes of the past decade. There's a lot to go at, so if your favourite doesn't make our cut, let us know who should have been included in the comments section!

Hiro Nakamura (Heroes, 2006-10)

Able to alter the flow of time, Masi Oka brought an incomparable charm to a role that was added to the main show after creator Tim Kring's wife realised none of the original characters were happy about receiving super powers. "Trapped in a life that was kind of not of his making", Hiro couldn't have been happier when he realised just what he could do, and did everything in his power to ensure the world was a better place because of his gift.

Walter White (Breaking Bad, 2008-13)

Starting out as a man who simply wanted to provide for his family, Walter White turned into a monster because of just that very aim. Receiving critical acclaim for his portrayal of Walter, Bryan Cranston managed to capture the world's attention as we saw this sick and confused man turn into one of the biggest names in the drug market, becoming angrier at the world and less sympathetic to others as the series progressed. There's not enough we can truly say about Walter White, but it takes a special type of somebody to make a ruthless, murdering, criminal mastermind so enjoyable to watch.

Oliver Queen (Arrow, 2012-present)

Stephen Amell brings a lot of things to the Oliver Queen role, one of them being his incredible physique. Working out as The Arrow would in real-life, the once-billionaire businessman goes missing after boarding a boat with his father, spending years on an island and being forced to fend for himself against some less-than-friendly forces. Coming back to his home of Starling City after five years missing, he's a changed man and will do everything in his power to ensure that the people who have 'failed this city' pay the ultimate price.

Emily Thorne (Revenge, 2011-present)

Though utterly flawed, Emily was once Amanda Clarke, ripped away from her father at a young age when he was wrongly convicted on terrorism charges. Now as a beautiful and manipulative woman, Emily manages to implant herself right back into the place where she grew up, doing everything she can to get back at the people who set up her father and ruined her life. Her training in combat means that she often surprises many of her opponents, and though some have tried to take her life she's still to this point survived. Having gotten what would seem like her ultimate revenge at the end of season three, things got a whole lot more complicated when a face from the past emerged.

Detective Rust Cohle (True Detective, 2014)

Talented yet haunted and troubled, Cohle is dedicated entirely to his work as a detective, unable to find comfort in anything else. On his biggest case he is partnered with Martin Hart, a man who says Rust "wasn't big on talking, except when you wanted him to shut up." Their relationship seemed to be doomed from the moment they were teamed together, but when they put their minds to it they managed to close a case which had the country stunned, shocked and confused. Not your typical hero, but definitely somebody who did a great thing and will be remembered forevermore because of it.

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