5) Gotham

Credit: FOX
Credit: FOX

Gotham has gone through a major evolution after going into its second season, with the villains managing to take up most of the screen time that had thus far been dedicated to some of the lesser interesting characters. It's probably a bit of a recurring theme, that superhero shows are allowed to be more violent than most of what goes on with the big screen, because audiences are more mature, and the network doesn't need to push merchandise onto youngsters. This is something Gotham has learned and in doing so, has upped its brutality for the better.

Now storylines are more eccentric and intriguing than ever before, with the show doing the perfect job of bringing the comic book world to the screen. It's supposed to be out of the norm and a little ridiculous at times - that's exactly why we all love it.

Gotham airs on FOX in the US and Channel 5 in the UK.

4) Daredevil

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Daredevil is the show that introduced the world to exactly what Netflix and Marvel's collaboration would look like. Gritty, violent and with more action than ever before, Marvel really ripped off their almost childish identity and stomped it into the muddy, blood-soaked ground. Personally, I couldn't be any more grateful.

Back in April of last year, I reviewed the first episode of Daredevil to grace the streaming service. I said it was 'the story of Daredevil, in the way it should have always been told', and that's a statement I firmly stand by. Matt Murdock - the man behind the mask - has always been a character shunned by much of the cinematic and television audience simply because of the adaptations of his character and adversaries we've seen in the past, so to see him done so very right and be accepted by millions across the globe is perfect.

Casting for the series couldn't have been any better, with Charlie Cox and Deborah Ann Woll providing some brilliant scenes. Once you hit season 2, there's not a chance you'll be able to look at Jon Bernthal in the same way - he's really made the Punisher anti-hero his own and stolen the show.

This is what the comic book fans had demanded for so long and finally Marvel indulged. DC were dominating television before Daredevil came along, but it really managed to make its mark and pave the way for the rest of the Netflix originals to come.

Daredevil seasons 1 and 2 are available now on Netflix.

3) Arrow

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

I feel a certain loyalty to Arrow, as it was the first major superhero series I started watching on television. Immediately falling in love with Oliver Queen and the cast of characters around him, I wanted to know absolutely everything I could about the Green Arrow - a character I had up until this point been completely ignorant about.

Now he's firmly found his slot on my tellybox and I'm in the process of reading earlier Green Arrow work. Stephen Amell has done an extremely impressive job of bringing the character alive, and Emily Bett Rickards has also done well to bring original character Felicity Smoak to the masses, finding her spot as a fan favourite.

This is the show that made me care about superheroes again. It taught me that this world wasn't one reserved for youngsters, but one that could be enjoyed by people of all ages. For that I'll always be thankful to Arrow, and always be behind its slot on the television schedule.

Arrow airs on The CW in the US and Sky One in the UK.

2) The Flash

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

It feels a little harsh to put The Flash ahead of Arrow. Barry Allen wasn't the instantly likeable and hilarious character for me that he seemed to be for the majority of the DC television fanbase, but within a few hours of the first season of The Flash, he totally turned it around. It's gotta be down to Grant Gustin - the man in the role - who does an impeccable job as the Scarlet Speedster. That and the roster of villains that make their way into Central City...

Another CW series, The Flash found its legs after Arrow gained some huge success on the network, introducing the character to regular viewers and then bringing him into his own after seeing what great response he had. Since that point, the time travel that's integral to the plot of the show has spawned yet another spinoff - DC's Legends of Tomorrow - and it really looks as if The CW's DC shows can do no wrong.

Storytelling in The Flash always manages to keep me on the edge of my seat, but also allows me to get in many laughs through each episode. The humour perfectly balances out the darker tones and elements of the series, which some would say have hampered Arrow's most recent seasons. Now Barry Allen is one of my favourite superhero characters I've met - and I've got to be thankful for his introducing me to Captain Cold. A great villain with a frosty heart but a softer side he rarely allows to bubble to the surface.

The Flash airs on The CW in the US and Sky One in the UK.

1) Jessica Jones

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

By far the most cohesive, engaging and provoking piece of superhero drama material the world of television has not only seen in the modern day, but of all time. Gorgeous noir-esque scenes, flawless acting and a horrific but incredibly charming villain meant that Marvel's Jessica Jones became a huge hit for Netflix, with the streaming service announcing that there will be a second season at some point in the future.

There was once a time when television was looked at as secondary to the film world. Some people still hold those views, but it's shows like Jessica Jones which are changing the tides. For me, the series provided the best thing Marvel had ever done both on the small screen AND the big screen. We may have been following the story of a woman with extraordinary powers, but the relatability she harboured with many viewers is without a doubt one of the many reasons the season did so well.

This was the first time Marvel invested so heavily in having a female lead and, after seeing such an incredible outpouring of support for Jessica Jones, perhaps now in the near future - aside from Captain Marvel - the company will be more confident in allowing their female protagonists to stand front and centre.

Legitimately unnerving at times, Jessica Jones is a show I'll be returning to in the future for multiple rewatches. It's great in that when you do see it more than once, different things reveal themselves and you're left with another layer of the Jessica Jones story peeled back. It's one hell of a ride.

Jessica Jones season 1 is available now on Netflix.

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