Following the climactic end to The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and of course, after the huge success of Marvel Studios series WandaVision, the company is now looking forward to their next big release on Disney+, Loki.

We’ve already dived headfirst into exactly what we think everybody should expect from that show, so we’re looking ahead even further, to 2022 when original series She-Hulk, from creator Jessica Gao, is expected to debut from the studio.

Here’s everything we know about the show, from where it’ll be available to exactly who will star and more…

Who will play She-Hulk, the titular Marvel Comics character?

When She-Hulk comes to the small screen, we’ll see Tatiana Maslany in the lead role. The Canadian actress rose to superstardom after playing a multitude of different characters in the critically-acclaimed sci-fi thriller Orphan Black, which won her a slew of awards.

It’s fair to say that she’s comfortable in front of the cameras and, in a new photograph taken in Atlanta from the set of the series, she can be seen between takes, wearing her coronavirus mask and a UCLA sweater, smiling as wide as her face allows.

Knowing that all of the chaos of the world right now is bringing people down, it’s good to see Maslany enjoying herself doing exactly what she loves. Let’s hope that positive energy radiates through the show when it comes time to premiere!

Who is She-Hulk? What do we know about her from the comics?

When she’s not busy fighting crime as her alter-ego, Jennifer Walters is a dedicated and extremely skilled lawyer, specialising in cases that involve superheroes.

Known to not only deal with the law on planet Earth, she has in the past gotten involved in cases on an intergalactic scale, making her one of the most sought-after talents in her field.

As for her superhero career, she has become a member of the Avengers and worked to fight in a slew of other groups throughout the decades, ever since her initial inception by the late Stan Lee in 1980. Those include the Defenders, Fantastic Four and S.H.I.E.L.D., to name just three.

Exactly how her comic book history will play into the She-Hulk series remains to be seen, but we know for sure that it’ll be an interesting watch and, utterly unique to anything Marvel Studios have put out so far.

Who else will star in She-Hulk? Is Mark Ruffalo involved?

There are some familiar faces set to make appearances in the show. Perhaps most important is Mark Ruffalo, who will be reprising his role as Bruce Banner and likely helping out She-Hulk in controlling her temper and using her abilities for good.

One name that did take us by surprise however, is Tim Roth. After playing the villain Abomination in the maligned Incredible Hulk movie from 2008, he’ll be given another shot at bringing the Marvel Comics character to life.

Despite the lack of love for that film, fans are actually excited to see Roth return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is often praised as one of the only great things about the feature-length picture, so perhaps this calling is exactly the redemption he deserves.

Alongside this pair, we’ll see Ginger Gonzaga in a currently-undisclosed role, with Renée Elise Goldsberry also signed up to appear in at least one of the 10 episodes being made.

Where can you watch She-Hulk? Is it on Disney+?

It will be available exclusively through Disney+, as has been the case for both WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Marvel Studios are putting a lot of their energy into building a reputable slate of television shows for consumption and She-Hulk will be a part of that when it comes time to premiere.

As for when that'll be? Right now, we just know that it's set to debut at some point in 2022.

We’ll bring you more information on the upcoming Marvel Studios original series She-Hulk as and when we get it!

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