With the Big Brother Canada Season 10 finale airing tonight (May 5th, 2022) on Global, we caught up with fourth place finalist, Haleena Gill, to chat all about her shock eviction from the show in a Special Eviction. We also discuss her relationship with ‘annoying little sister’ Jacey-Lynne, as well as who she thinks is running the game and more.

How are you feeling after that Special Eviction?

I’m feeling all sorts of emotions: happy, sad, regretful a little bit, but not. I’m proud of myself. It is what it is, it’s a game at the end of the day, but I’m feeling all of it I would say.

Despite leaving the House you are now a member of the Jury, so what does that feel like?

It feels great! I’m a part of making the decision of who wins $100,000 and who wins the title of Big Brother Canada Season 10 – pretty massive! So I’m excited now to make this decision with the rest of the Jury members!

Do you have any plans as to what you’ll be getting up to whilst in the Jury House?

Definitely a lot of apologising and dropping the game for sure! I’m done being gamer Haleena, I wanna be myself again! I feel like I got wrapped up into it so, I think just connecting again with everybody and, definitely a lot of apologising for sure.

What will you be taking into consideration when voting for your winner of this game?

I will be using my head, not my heart, that’s for sure, and seeing who is a well-rounded player overall: what they did in the game; how they played the game; who represents the full season – that’s definitely what will be going into my decision.

Out of the three that are still in the House, who do you think is running things?

I would say Kevin! He’s my boy, I’m not trying to be biased but it’s true though! Josh and Betty think taking Kevin is going to automatically get them that win but, that is not true. Kevin is definitely going to give them a run for their money and that’s why he is running things, because they don’t see him. Josh may see him a little bit, but yeah.

Who do you think is going to have the hardest time taking one of those Final 2 seats?

I would say Josh actually, because Kevin and Betty think taking Josh would be an automatic loss. But, now being in Jury, it actually isn’t! So, I think if Kevin sits next to Josh I think he definitely has higher chances of winning than sitting next to Betty; and same with Betty to be honest!

Can you tell us a little bit about your relationship with Jacey-Lynne?

Jacey-Lynne is that annoying little sister that you can’t stand, but you still care for her. It really is that! We were close, but not close enough. We enjoyed each other’s company, hung out, kiki’d it up, but in the end, we just didn’t really trust each other and, she knew how to poke me and get a reaction out of me and vice versa, where it was just that little sister, big sister relationship.

Do you think the two of you will be able to be friends outside of the game?

Definitely, I think so, definitely. Because even after the triple [eviction], we still came together, she came and said ‘I know I’m still gonna work with Haleena’, and I knew keeping Jacey-Lynne was better for my game, but I was really just in game mode, but I didn’t think personal in that moment, and I used my heart and kept Josh. There was also some heart keeping Jacey-Lynne as well, I just didn’t see it in the House.

Where do you think things went wrong for you and your game?

When I used my heart and not my head, keeping Josh and not getting rid of him at the five. I should’ve kept Jacey-Lynne, I definitely think I’d still be in that House, not speaking to you, I definitely would be in that House still. I love chatting to you, but that is when my game went downhill for sure!

You may have just answered this one but, looking back do you think there’s anything you could have changed that would have helped you stay in that House?

It would be yeah, getting rid of Josh. No one saw my game. Everyone underestimated me. Kevin and Josh were the only two people and, Josh was definitely threatened by me. I take it as a compliment so, it is what it is.

What are some of your favourite memories from your time in the House?

Favourite memories would have to be having my Mom, come in and seeing her in person! Her being in the Big Brother House was absolutely wild, we watch the show together, so her being in the House with me and not speaking to her, seeing her for so long, it was exactly what I needed and I have that now forever.

Big Brother Canada Season 10 concludes tonight (May 5th, 2022) on Global! All episodes are available to watch at www.bigbrothercanada.ca.

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