Last week, we saw fan-favourite Big Brother Canada houseguest Samantha Picco evicted from the house, in what was one of the most shocking backdoors to-date. After being put up on the block by fellow housemate Cory Kennedy, the chance to take a big threat out of the game proved to be too much of a pull for the gamers in the house. Only Sam's love interest Adam Pike opted to save her.

Despite being evicted, Sam is the first member of this season's Jury! Before she went into the house, we caught up with Sam to ask a few questions about her whole experience...

You're out of the house but you're the first member of Jury! How does that feel?

It actually feels amazing. I am super proud of how much I accomplished in that house. For me at this point, I feel like I've really had the full Big Brother experience. I'm not gonna lie; if I wasn't going into that Jury house, I would be much more... you'd be talking to a different person right now! So yeah, continuing the experience is making me really happy, so I'm super proud of myself.

How will you be making your final decision as part of the Jury?

I'm really gonna try and use my head and not my heart, because let's face it, I used my heart for a lot of this game, but I really wanna take into consideration how the game was played throughout the whole season and really try and use mostly my head. I'm not gonna hold any grudges or anything like that, and try not to be swayed by anything, so using my head is the biggest thing.

Who do you hope to see join you in the Jury house next, and why?

That's a tough one because I don't really wanna see anybody that was close to me, because I do want them to move on, and go further. I'd love to see Este come into the house next because I really believe that Este should be out of the house at this point. I feel like I should still be there to a certain extent. I'd love to see Kyra, or Adam, just because they were my people in the house, but of course I want them to go far in this game so I wouldn't be necessarily happy to see them come in after me. So maybe Este, just because I feel like Este shouldn't be there. (laughs)

We saw you get close to Adam in the house. Do you think your relationship affected your game?

100%. I do a lot of things with my heart in my life, it's just the default way that I do things, so, I was definitely distracted by that relationship and it definitely affected my social game, 100%.

At this point, who do you think has what it takes to go all the way and why?

Dane, absolutely! That's a no-brainer, I don't even have to think on it. Dane is a master manipulator, he is a great liar, he handles confrontation like a pro; I really think that Dane physically has what it takes, mentally has what it takes. Of course, Adam I think is a great player as well, so between Adam and Dane, one of them will win, as far as I'm concerned.

Would you change anything about your HoH week, looking back with hindsight?

Yes. I would backdoor Cory in a heartbeat, based on how all that went down. I got the blame for it regardless, so why not just go ahead and do it, and get Cory out of the house? I would most likely still be there, so if I had an opportunity to go back and do that differently, I would have backdoored Cory.

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Big Brother Canada continues Wednesday at 7pm ET/PT, Thursdays at 8pm ET/PT and Sundays at 8pm ET/PT on Global.

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