The incredible Arisa Cox returned to hosting duties on one of the world’s best versions of Big Brother last week, as Big Brother Canada made its return to screens across the Great White North. Within its first two episodes, viewers were introduced to a bunch of all-new houseguests who would battle it out to be called this season’s champion, but there was also an eviction which left one player’s game in tatters before it had even really started.

Laura Roberts was sent packing in a unanimous vote, which saw her put up on the block against Canada’s choice to gain early intel, Damien Ketlo. Fortunately, he did enough work to make sure his game could last at least another week, and Laura’s dreams were sent up in smoke.

Here, she discusses her short but life-changing time in the house, why she doesn’t think her game actually went wrong, and more…

You’re first out of the house, but you’re now part of an elite group of very few who can say they’ve played Big Brother Canada. How has the whole experience felt?

The whole experience has felt so much bigger than I could have possibly ever imagined. The best way to explain it is it’s like going from being absolutely normal and having nothing, to having everything overnight. It’s very exciting; it’s very jarring; it’s very crazy; it’s definitely changed me for the rest of my life. It’s given me such a different perspective and I’m so happy to have been part of the experience, even though it was relatively short.

Where do you think your game went wrong and lead to you being evicted?

I don’t necessarily know if my game went wrong. I kind of, looking back now, think that the game itself is difficult for people like me. Difficult in the sense that I just – I said this many times – I hate begging for things; I hate being phony; I hate having to pretend. It’s very, very difficult for me; I’m a very prideful person and I think, in a game like Big Brother, you really in the beginning have to play all sides of the fence and really keep to yourself, and do a little bit of that acting to get yourself through and float through that a little bit. Like I said, I don’t know if my game necessarily went wrong anywhere; I think it’s just - for people like myself - it’s difficult.

Who do you think has the strongest alliance in the house right now?

I would say absolutely Sam and Adam, and anybody close to their inner circle, so maybe a Dane would be in there; maybe a Chelsea would be in there. Not so much willingly but I think those are the people that they’ll like, but I’d say those two for sure.

Which of your fellow houseguests has what it takes to go all the way, and why?

Kailyn. Kailyn has what it takes to go all the way because she does not get shook about anything. Knowing her personally and being with her, she really was my sounding board for the time that I was there. She never gets shook; she keeps things to herself; she plays it cool. She absolutely has what it takes not only because she holds her cards close to her chest, but because she has the gall that nobody else has to put people up on the block, or do the things that nobody else wants to do.

Who do you hope will be booted out next, and why?

Ooo… Who do I hope will be booted out next and why? I think naturally people would assume that I would want it to be an Adam or a Sam, but I think realistically that won’t happen. I think if I was there, who I would want to go next would probably be Este or Kiera. Este because in the first HoH challenge we had she really came out of the woodwork and is a very fit player, especially on the women’s side. Kiera just for the sheer fact that, what people may not have seen is there was a conversation that I was a part of, that she had made up a bold-faced lie about Kailyn, and that’s my girl, so I would pick them.

We’ve seen a lot of twists in BBCAN’s past, so if you did manage to make it back into the house somehow, how would you change your game and make it through to the end?

If I were given the opportunity to come back in the house, I think things would get upside down right away, especially in terms of the way that I left. But, I think I definitely would take more of a page from Kailyn’s book and kind of just ride things a little bit and maybe not talk so much game. I’d try to keep things to myself a little bit more; try to focus on having more fun and not so much on that [playing], and hopefully that would keep me there a little bit longer.

Big Brother Canada continues Wednesday at 7pm ET/PT, Thursdays at 8pm ET/PT and Sundays at 8pm ET/PT on Global.

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