Just when you thought this season of Big Brother Canada couldn’t get any more thrilling, we saw Jedson up on the block, win the Power of Veto and then use that very power to take down the woman who was sitting right next to him, Beth.

Having enjoyed a romantic relationship with Beth inside the house and, hoping to save his boy Tychon from becoming the replacement nominee if he took himself down, Jed shot himself in the foot.

He would be sent out of the door in a unanimous vote; but that wasn’t where things ended.

Instead, he battled against the evictee who came out right after him in the second double eviction of the series, battling for a place back in the house. Unfortunately for Jed, he was beaten by Tera and officially sent to the Jury.

We caught up with him to chat all about his game.

Tell us a little bit about your relationship with Beth - where do you and she stand as far as you are concerned?

On a personal level, nothing has changed. We have a very strong relationship and we’ve built it up over the entire course of the game, since day one I spoke to her and felt that she was someone I got a good vibe from and I trusted her. We played the whole game together so yeah. I really do feel close to her.

On a game level, obviously I know that she had a part in getting me out in the end and, I knew that day would come for her own game, so I have to respect the move. I don’t think it was a dirty move on her part and, I think that she really did fight for me when it came down to it. So, I have nothing but love and respect for Beth.

Do you think the pair of you will be able to enjoy a relationship outside of the house?

I’d love to explore it! We actually have a very strong connection and I think that it’s genuine. So once we get outside the house, it’ll be nice to see how that can come to fruition in the real world.

We’re definitely gonna stay in touch and try to build that relationship. If not, then I know that we’ll just have a strong friendship moving forward 100%, there’s no doubt in my mind.

We saw you build a great relationship with Latoya early on in the season, what was it that really drew the pair of you together?

Yeah! Me and Latoya, we were very, very tight. I think it was just the back and forth, the banter we had. We were very comfortable around each other and I really trusted her. I could tell that she was a loyal person and so am I, so our loyalty just lined up and we told each other we were gonna be ride or die and get through this game together.

I truly did trust her and I got that vibe that she would be there for me in any moment of distress. So, I think we just had that mutual respect and that’s why we were so close. It was so hard seeing her go on Day 20.

If you’d have made it back into the House over Tera, who would you have targeted to send home?

If I had made it back into the house, it would’ve been gloves off; it would’ve been Kiefer and Ty on the block situation if I had won HOH. One of those guys 100% would’ve gone home and they would’ve known why; I wouldn’t have to explain myself. They know what they did and, they would have to respect it. So it wouldn’t be Mr. Nice Guy anymore.

Tychon voted to evict you and he was your number one from day one, so what are your feelings towards him now? Is there a way the pair of you can rebuild your friendship outside of this game?

Yeah, honestly there’s nothing to rebuild just because I never lost it. Our friendship will always be strong. I said that I would always separate the game from my personal relationships. I knew that he really wanted to win this game and he knew that he could not win against me, he could not beat me, so he had to get me out and I respect that.

I wish he was a little bit more upfront about it when he was doing it and not keeping my hopes up, but I understand that it was a very tough week for him as well and, as you saw on my eviction night, the emotion shows it all. He was very emotional and I know that wasn’t an easy decision for him to make, and I’ll always love him. We’re gonna be best friends outside of here. It’s all love; there’s no animosity. We’ll move forward from this.

You are a member of the Jury, so what will you be looking for in your winner of this season?

I’m just gonna be looking for the most well-rounded player. Someone who played the entire game, made moves the entire game, they were involved in moves and, they were able to perform under pressure.

I just think that anybody who floated through, or didn’t make big moves and just got taken to the end, doesn’t deserve to win. So the person that’s sitting in the final two that has the best resumé and made the biggest impact will have my vote.

Is there anything that’s top of your list to find out from your fellow Jurors?

For me, it was just finding out from my fellow Jurors about alliances I wasn’t sure about; people that were plotting against me that I didn’t know about. I wanted to know if Victoria as the invisible HOH was ever planning to put up Tychon and myself, because that’s something that Kiefer told us after she left. Did he really influence her decision to not put us up?

I wanted to know if Rohan was being sincere when he said that he was gonna come after us and, we made a bit of a deal to get to the Jury and then go after each other.

From Tina, I just wanted to know if she was working with the other side, or if she was really riding for The Sunsetters, because she had said that she was just playing both sides to get information, but I did feel like she had a stronger connection to the other side than she let in.

Would you consider coming back to play this game again in a future season?

Yeah, for sure! I feel like I need some redemption now. I’m obviously a pretty big competitor, I don’t like losing and, I don’t like the way that I went out, although I did do it being myself and being loyal. I do think that I had more game left in me so, given the opportunity I would 100% come back and, I’d probably just play the same way, being true to myself and just playing it as I would in real life. Hopefully I would do just as well!

Would there be anything you’d change at all about your game if you did come back?

I honestly don’t think I would. I think I played a good game. I played a couple of decisions at the end that I could’ve changed that would’ve gotten me to the finale but overall, I think I came in as a big target, I’m gonna be a big target no matter what physically, and I didn’t win too much too early, I didn’t add a target on my back, I had good relationships with everybody in the house, I formed a solid alliance, I was loyal to that alliance and yeah, I think I played a good game overall. I just made a couple of mistakes at the end.

Big Brother Canada continues on Global, with the Season 9 finale right around the corner!

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