Last week on Big Brother Canada, we saw the first double eviction of the series claim a pair of victims who really wanted to play the game. Here, we speak to the night’s second evictee, Eddie Lin, all about his time in the house, why he thinks he was sent home and more…

Why do you think you were targeted for eviction during the double?

I feel like I was targeted for eviction during the double because people don’t know where my head’s are (sic), and I feel like at that point people have already made a lot of alliances and unfortunately, I was not in any one of them. I do feel like people see… people think I am on the side with Kailyn and you know, people see Kailyn as a very big threat so, it makes sense that they would also want to target me as Kailyn’s ally, because they want to eliminate the other side.

If you had won the HoH comp during the double, who would you have put on the block and why?

I would have put Dane and Mark on the block. Mark is strictly a pawn; I know he’s wishy washy to me; out of all the people I’ve talked game with him the least, so I would put Mark up but he’s strictly a pawn. My real target would be Dane, because I feel like Dane has been playing both sides and he’s a very dangerous player. I mean, he’s a sweet guy but he’s a very dangerous player, and I hear a lot of sides of him (sic). He has this very cheerful, goofy side and he also has another side where he is very frustrated and angry, so I feel like Dane has a lot of alliances and has a lot of numbers. I feel like Dane is more dangerous than Adam so I would target Dane if I had won HoH in the double eviction.

Who do you think has the best shot of going all the way at this point and why?

I feel like Dane has the best shot of going all the way to the end, because like I said, I feel like he is good with the guys, good with the girls, he has a lot of secret alliances that hasn’t been (sic) exposed yet. He is a leader, but he doesn’t show himself… So basically Adam comes in very strong, right? Dane didn’t come in too strong; he has a lot of sides but in public he only shows his good sides to other people. I do feel like people adore Dane, but Dane’s a very dangerous player and he will make it to the end, if people don’t get smart.

There have been some big BBCAN twists in the past. If you could somehow make it back into the house, how would you play to make it to the end?

Okay, let me see… Definitely, I will try to talk to more people and kind of force myself into conversations, ‘cause I feel like my biggest mistake is that I’m waiting for people to come and talk to me. I did try to make alliances with other people; I did try to talk with them, but like… they just never talked game with me. I did try to do that, so I feel like it was pretty unfair; why do I have to go to people? So, in the last two days I would just sit there by myself and wait for people to approach me, but they never did! So, I feel like in hindsight I should have been more active in conversations. Although I know if I go to talk game with other people it may be a little bit forced, because they don’t really wanna work with me, but I do feel like by not even trying to do that I missed a lot of chances. I mean I did try to force myself to some people to talk gameplay, like in the last couple of days, but it didn’t work. But I should have talked with more people. That’d be my strategy if I go back into the house.

What were some of your favourite moments from your time in the house?

Oh, some of my favourite moments! Okay, my favourite moment is definitely the time when I hosted a PoV competition ‘cause I got to get dressed in that sick costume. As a superfan, I always wanted to host a competition so that is definitely one of my proudest moments. To be honest, I also enjoyed the week as a Have-not! I know that a lot of people cringe at the fact they would become a Have-not, but just as a superfan, I’m so super-happy to experience that; eating slop, I get to taste what slop tastes like, and I get to sleep in the Have-not room, and just experiencing that make me so happy.

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Big Brother Canada continues Wednesday at 7pm ET/PT, Thursdays at 8pm ET/PT and Sundays at 8pm ET/PT on Global.

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