He missed this year's Big Brother Canada final four by just a whisker, and was sent packing to the Jury house in an epic episode of drama just last week. Here, we chat to Mark Drelich all about the Pretty Boy alliance, his time in the house and more...

Why do you think the house opted to take you out at this stage over Dane?

I was a very blurred line of where I could have gone in this game. Had I stayed I could have been a very powerful person to take the $100,000, or been a very good candidate to take $20,000 in second place, so Kyra obviously wants to hedge their bets and guarantee themselves 20 grand, Anthony wants to keep a shield for Dane, and Adam's just really all over Dane, so, you know. It made more sense for them to keep Dane instead of me.

You mentioned wanting to take out a Pretty Boy earlier on in the season; why did you decide to stick with them in the long run?

The thing is, you can't just take someone out and then expect everything to be peaches and rainbows afterwards; you have to have a backup plan and a contingency plan of what you're gonna do next, so I needed to be sure that I would still have people loyal to me going through in the game if I was to take out a Pretty Boy. So yes, had my plan worked and maybe I could have backdoored a Pretty Boy during my HoH, I still needed to know that after that I wasn't going home the next week, and it actually worked out really well because I had a Secret Assassin my week which didn't send anything my way at all... [if I had done it] I probably would have left a week early.

As the first member of the dominant Pretty Boys to leave the house, looking back with hindsight, is there anything you wish you could have changed about your game?

Absolutely! Win more comps!

Despite being evicted you've made Jury, so how does that feel?

Ooft... It feels good. So close yet so far, so there is a bit of a bittersweet moment there, but I do hold my head high knowing that we created history. I know for 100% we created history, I haven't watched every American season, and I still need to catch up on my Big Brother UK, but it is ridiculous, it is absolutely asinine to think that all four of us, I know we wanted to make top four, but top five? I don't know if that's every happened in the history of any Big Brother really and I hold my head high for that, and I know people and fans of Big Brother around the world are cheering us on.

Is there any big information you'll be hoping to gain from your time in the Jury house?

Not really. The Pretty Boys, we controlled everything in the house. The only thing I really wanna know is how serious was Dane and Este's relationship.

How will you be making your decision when it comes to picking a winner?

Well, it'll be a very easy decision if Kyra's in final two. But if Kyra isn't in final two, I would have to break down the entire season week by week, and figure out truly who I thought was the better player, which would be an incredibly difficult decision, because if Kyra's in final two it's obvious as night and day who should be the winner - obviously one of the Pretty Boys - but if it's two Pretty Boys, I would have to break things down week by week.

What are some of your favourite memories from your time in the house?

Being the best pool player in the house, it's not easy being this good and Adam and Anthony can talk a big game about how good they are; Adam does have some game; Anthony is the luckiest pool player alive; but I beat 'em in tournaments even though he likes to use some cheat methods every now and then, but you know, that's some of the good things. Pool tournaments, chilling in the hot tub, and just laughing about how we're the Pretty Boys and, the game was over for everybody else the second they walked in the house, they didn't stand a chance. We had everyone in the palms of our hands, we controlled the entire game.

Big Brother Canada's two-hour season finale airs Thursday, May 9 at 8pm ET/PT, only on Global.

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