Damien Ketlo was without a doubt one of Canada's most beloved houseguests in this year's season of Big Brother Canada. So, to see him evicted in the season's second double eviction was a blow to the heart of many. Here, we chat to him all about how he'll make his final decision voting for a winner, his favourite moments in the house and more, (though we're not entirely sure he fully understood our first question!).

A double eviction meant you were sent home. With the house ranks thinning at the time, who do you think would have been sent home if you had won the Veto?

Oh, if I would have won the Veto I would have put up Kyra and Anthony, just to get rid of Anthony's resumé of not being on the block, and Kyra obviously. Then if Anthony had won the Veto, hopefully he would have pulled himself down and Adam would have went up, and the boys would have voted that way to take a big player out.

Despite being evicted you have made Jury. How does that feel?

Oh my God, it's an honour to make Jury because I have been on this block a lot, including the first week, and well, as of [the day of my eviction] five times on the block, four times I came out on top but, yeah. I'm very fortunate to be on Jury still, 'cause there could have been many times when I could have been gone before that.

How will you be making your decision when it comes to picking a winner?

Well, based on who comes in the house, letting me know who won and the alliances, the game they played. Definitely, it would have to be a person who won a lot of things, but also kept a good social game in-between.

Is there any huge information you're hoping to get out of your time in Jury?

Well, I guess we'll find out. I think it'll [be good] just to see the things that went on behind closed doors, because I was such a true player and loyal to only certain people in the house. It'll be nice to see what was actually going on beyond what I thought.

What were some of your favourite moments from your time in the house?

Well, obviously finally winning a PoV competition for Minor Delay, and just the fun times of being in the house with that many talented, crazy individuals, and as a whole it was just the ultimate experience. It was something that I really haven't put together even now, even just being freshly evicted. It was a blessing and it was amazing.

Big Brother Canada's two-hour season finale airs Thursday, May 9 at 8pm ET/PT, only on Global.

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