For only the second time in Big Brother Canada history, this past week saw an eviction vote tie which ultimately left the fate of the two nominees on the chopping block in the hands of the Head of Household. Following Maki's admission that he may put Dane up for eviction in retaliation for his own seat on the infamous nominations sofa, the HoH made sure that'll never happen by sending what he wanted to be his pawn for the week out of the door.

Here, Maki talks to us all about his time in the house, what he's learned and how he would play differently if he got the opportunity.

We had a 5-5 tie this week; where do you think your game went wrong, and what do you think was the deciding factor in Dane sending you home?

I believe having a lack of strategy was probably where my game went wrong, because I was literally learning the game as it was developing. So, the strategies that I were learning, were coming from the very people that would use it against me. So, for example, Dane's strategy to put me up is why I bought up Anthony's name, because he's the most likeable player. So I was learning from his strategy, but Dane's framework of mind is different from mine. So I learned it the hard way! I definitely learned the hard way that not being fluent in the game would come around and bite you at the end.

You left the game putting a plague on the house and calling out your fellow houseguests for being fake, so who do you hope is evicted next from the game and why?

I still hope that Sam goes home, because she definitely left a bitter taste in a lot of people's mouths in the house. She's constantly stirring up people's ideas and votes and she's causing trouble, so I'd probably pick Sam first and, I would actually smile quite big if Dane went home as well, because he's clearly not a man of his word, so he can't be trusted.

Who do you think has what it takes to go all the way and win this season, and why?

I would really like to see Este win, because she's a super sweetheart and she does keep true to herself. It's gonna be difficult in a house full of 'big leaguers', and people that really know the game inside and out, but I truly believe that if you have a good heart you have a chance for anything.

You got a lot of love in your goodbye messages; have you made lifelong friends from the show?

Quite possibly! I really hope that I ultimately left a good impact on people whether it was a short time or not. I really do feel like there was genuine connections in the house, regardless of it being a game, or a show, or not, because that's the type of human that I am; I just wanna make genuine connections.

If there was a twist that sent you back into the house, how would you play the game to ensure you made it to the end?

I would probably keep my mouth shut for the majority of the day. I would concisely choose how I speak to people and remember that one on one conversations are different from conversations that you have with two people in the room, three people in the room, four people in the room. I learned that the hard way.

Will you be watching more Big Brother Canada now that you've been a part of the show?

Yes! I'm very interested in the whole experimental aspect of the show. It's really turned me on in a good way!

Big Brother Canada continues Wednesday at 7pm ET/PT, Thursdays at 8pm ET/PT and Sundays at 8pm ET/PT on Global.

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