The ninth season of Big Brother Canada kicked into high gear in last night’s episode, which saw two houseguests sent packing, but not for their home! Instead, first evictee Victoria and, victim to the double eviction Rohan, became our first and second members of the Jury respectively.

We caught up with the two - who are now hanging out at the Jury house - to find out a little bit more about their games…

Victoria! You may be out of the game but you have made Jury, so how does it feel knowing you’ll have a say in who wins this game?

It feels good. I’m so happy to still have a role in this game. I love this game. I’m so happy I made it to Jury.

Same question to you Rohan, how does it feel to have made Jury?

It feels great. Obviously this is not the result I wanted, I think I could’ve gone deep into this game and could’ve essentially won this game if things went slightly differently, but I still get to have a say in who represents this season and that’s quite a big role.

Rohan, you had quite the POV comp run! Do you now consider yourself a comp beast?

(laughs) I think I have to! I didn’t want to label myself as that; pre-game I said I didn’t want to win a large amount of competitions but, just based on the way the game went I was in a position where I had to win to stay in the game - exactly the place I did not want to be - but I had to pull out those wins and so I did.

I changed my strategy up and it is what it is, I’m not mad about it!

Victoria you also fared well in comps and won the third HOH of the season, which resulted in Latoya being sent home. Can you tell us a bit about that week and why you decided to send her out of the game?

Yeah! I sent Latoya home because she didn’t wanna work with me. I approached her and Jed saying ‘Let’s do this, let’s fight together! Let me know what you guys think’, and they never got back to me.

I was not feeling the vibe of Latoya and, when you don’t have the confidence that someone likes you and wants to work with you in that game, you target them and that’s what I did.

Rohan, can you talk to us a little bit about your decision in not using the Power of Veto in last week’s ceremony, which would have resulted in Austin or Breydon coming off the block?

Not using the Power of Veto was a very tough decision but, I felt very strongly that no matter what I did, either Austin or Breydon would have left that week because I thought Tera would have gone up as the replacement nominee; and that’s been confirmed to me by the Invisible HOH right next to me.

Using the Veto would’ve done more damage I think because, it would’ve made more people essentially come after me, because I would’ve exposed a lot of people to the risk of being named the replacement nominee, as opposed to just the three people that I knew for a fact were coming after me in Jed, Tychon and Beth.

So, not using the Veto was the smartest decision. Obviously, Austin left; I would’ve preferred to have kept her in the game but, Breydon was an asset to me. He was a strong player and he brought me information so, I do not regret the decision at the end of the day, but it was an extremely tough one.

Victoria, you told Arisa you got lazy in your exit interview and stopped tying up loose ends. Can you elaborate a little on that; when did you start, in your words, to get lazy in the house?

Yes! I was supposed to be aligned with Beth, Jed and Ty so when Rohan saved himself during the Veto, I knew that people were gonna campaign to make sure that they weren’t the replacement nominee, especially Tina and Tera. I never thought that they were gonna throw me under the bus that hard, but even if they did, I didn’t think that Beth was gonna listen to it.

So, when I said I got lazy; I should’ve talked to Beth and been like, ‘did you hear anything? Let’s talk about it…’, I should’ve covered those corners but I didn’t.

We saw an argument go down between you Victoria and Tera; what was it about Tera that got you so riled up in this moment?

Pretty much just that she was lying. I never had those conversations with myself, about going after the boys and Beth, so it really frustrated me that she just wouldn’t admit it, and it was also my strategy in trying to stay in the game.

If they could see that she was a threat, that she was lying, maybe they would’ve kept me over her.

Rohan, what was going through your head whilst you witnessed the two of them going at it?

Well, you know what? A lot of the things Victoria was accusing Tera of in that house meeting were things that I actually did and said. So, in that situation I kind of just had to let Tera take it as much as possible; I don’t wanna put a bigger target on my back.

I did try to defend Tera in a couple of scenarios because, I know a couple of the things Victoria was saying, Tera did not do for a fact because I was the one that did those things, and obviously Tera was the one on the block, so Victoria was actually smart in that situation to go after Tera and make it look like it was her.

But all Tera did basically was confirm a story that got brought to Beth, Jed and Tychon about Victoria and, that’s basically her involvement in the situation. That argument should’ve been between me and Victoria but I wasn’t the one on the block so, I just had to let it play out.

You both had a disagreement with one another about last week’s goings on as well but seemed to talk it out! Are you both good with one another now?

Rohan: Oh definitely, year. I love Victoria as a person. We did wanna work with each other and we had something early on in this game, but the reason that I tossed Victoria under the bus when Beth brought up the option to backdoor her, was because when Victoria was Invisible HOH, she put up two of her supposed allies and obviously two of my closest allies; people that were never, ever, ever gonna put her on the block, so for me, keeping Victoria in the game was an option, but I just felt that if I did, I didn’t know what she was gonna do if she won HOH, she could slap me up on the block next.

But we are good now. We talked it out and we’re gonna be very close after this.

Victoria, if you’d have survived the vote and won the Double Eviction HOH, who would you have put up on the block and targeted to go home?

You know, I don’t know! That’s a good question. Probably Tina and Tera. I really don’t know…

Rohan, how about you? Who would have been your target if you’d have won the double eviction HoH?

I would’ve put up Jed and Tychon. I was very clear about that to a lot of people. In fact, in the double eviction, I told them that I was gonna put them up on the block and backdoor Kiefer, but that obviously was not the plan. I wouldn’t backdoor Kiefer in that situation; I would’ve sent either Jed or Tychon home.

That’s what needs to happen and it should’ve happened honestly, when Kiefer won HOH; it should’ve happened when Victoria won Invisible HOH, but it didn’t. So if I’d have won HOH I’d have tried to make it happen.

At this point in the game Rohan, who do you think has what it takes to go all the way to final two?

Look, I’m gonna be honest about it, Kiefer’s got the resumé right now. I don’t think that competition wins mean everything, but Kiefer has won HOHs; he took out my closest ally’ he took me out; he’s got a Veto to take himself off the block.

Yes, he’s played every single side of the house but at the end of the day, that’s part of the game. He’s playing a decent social game at this point, even though we had a run-in early on. So, if the vote [for a winner] was to take place today, he’s most qualified but, I do want Breydon to win this game.

I hope Breydon can pull out an HOH and stick the two boys on the block. I think it would be huge for him and if he’s sitting in the final two, he’s obviously got a strong case for me to vote for him.

Victoria, how about you? Who has what it takes to make it to the end?

I agree, Kiefer! He’s playing a great game and I think he deserves to go all the way.

And what will you be looking for in your winner of the season?

Victoria: Kiefer’s a triple threat, I love him. I love someone who fights in the competitions, is playing that social game and is playing a smart game.

Rohan: I’m gonna be voting objectively just based on who the best player is all around; not strong in just one area but a few different areas. I’m not gonna vote for the people I was closest to, I’ll vote for the person who played the best game and who I think should represent this season.

Big Brother Canada continues Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays on Global.

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