The world of the supernatural is making a comeback. Though the past decade or so has been full of magic and mystery with both the Harry Potter and Twilight movie series taking centre stage, it seems the world of television is the place to go if you're looking for a little more hardcore supernatural action.

Everything started out with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Or perhaps I just remember it that way because the series dominated most of my childhood.

Buffy was bad-ass. She moved to a new town and was instantly thrown into the centre of a whole heap of drama that saw her turn from slightly air-headed student to fully fledged vampire hunter.

It wasn't all plain sailing from there, however. Romance was on the cards, and that's where the first man on our list makes an appearance.

1) James Marsters as Spike

Though he was adored by many, Spike wasn't always the good guy we all hoped he would become. Famous for killing two Slayers and torturing his victims with railroad spikes, he only turned it all around after realising he was in love with our vampire slayer.

Officially joining the 'Scooby Gang', some of Spike's biggest moments include sacrificing his own life to close the Sunnydale Hellmouth, and joining Angel in a battle against the Senior Partners.

When he did eventually reunite with Buffy in Europe, he battled against Twilight before moving to San Francisco.

It wasn't to be between the two however, and things ended for him when he left in the hopes of "finding himself".

Though the series came to an end, it has become a cult phenomenon and is repeated still to this day on television all over the world. It paved the way for many future shows and I guarantee this list wouldn't have been possible to create without it.

Moving on to the present day, the seventh and final series of True Blood has kicked off in America and begins in the UK next week.

Known for not holding back, it's another vampire that makes our list and similarly to Spike, went from being the one we should hate to the one we all adore.

2) Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman

Throughout the first season of True Blood there was a certain attraction about Eric Northman, despite his unsightly long locks. He had that charm and true essence about him that you knew despite all the bad he had done, he was loyal to a fault.

Nowadays he's one of if not the most liked character on the show, and has provided hilarious moments as well as frightening, none more so than in season four when he lost his memories due to a curse and called Sookie 'Snookie'.

He'll do whatever it takes to get revenge, but he's not evil through and through unlike our next character on the list and a welcome addition to the American Horror Story cast.

3) Kathy Bates as Madame Delphine LaLaurie

Based on real-life events and an actual person, it's hard to imagine Madame Delphine LaLaurie ever living with such bigoted and strange views, but then again, it's hard to think that under a century ago so many people were so oppressed.

LaLaurie would physically and mentally abuse, and keep members of the black African-American community locked up in her cellar so that she could torture them and use their blood as nourishment for her skin.

Seeing Kathy Bates in this role was a treat like no other, and she brought something to it that nobody else would have been able to. She was creepy, horrifying and just when we thought she may redeem herself, it was revealed that all along she was just going along with what felt right in a bid to save her own skin.

Speaking of skin, when our next pick shedded his own for the first time on Hemlock Grove, people were astounded at the level of detail the show bosses went to, to pull off the most gruesome and exciting werewolf transformation to-date.

4) Landon Liboiron as Peter Rumancek

He's the good-looking gypsy boy who changes at will into a werewolf, but one that can keep ahold on his 'temper' when turned and not attack the people he cares for, instead eating his own human remains before taking off into the woods for something a little tastier.

One of the few people who doesn't treat Shelley Godfrey badly, he harbours a deep curiosity for Shelley and has flirted with her on more than one occasion.

His first relationship in the town however was to be with Letha Godfrey, but when she died giving birth to her child his world was turned upside down and he was torn apart.

He adds a realistic layer to the creepy world of Hemlock, but if creepy's your thing then you need look no further than our next pick...

5) Eva Green as Vanessa Ives - Penny Dreadful

Vanessa Ives is a woman who wants what's best for herself, first and foremost. Ruining a friendship with Mina who she spent most of her childhood alongside, she slept with her husband-to-be and was caught, bringing their family's friendship to an end.

Though she's had her ups and downs it's clear that Vanessa has the best intentions most of the time, and her heart could be in the right place if she wasn't so selfish.

Her best moments so far have come when taking part in a séance and being possessed. Eva Green pushes herself to her limits and her acting is some of the best I've seen.

The chemistry she shares with Reeve Carney as Dorian Gray is off the charts, and some of the show's best scenes have bred through their back-and-forth flirting, passion and wonder.

Our final addition to this list is a character who shot to fame through teen-drama Misfits - an exciting and unique take on the world of super powers.

6) Robert Sheehan as Nathan Young

He was hilarious. Viewers should have hated him but the Irish accent won us all over, and eventually stole the hearts of his friends who were alongside him doing community service for petty crimes.

Taking his new power in his stride - immortality - he put himself in dangerous situations time and time again which even led to him falling from a roof onto a spiked railing, and being buried as everybody believed he'd truly bit the dust.

His picking on Simon was difficult to watch at times but it eventually developed into a subtle bromance where the pair would bounce off one another and work together to get the job done.

Who are some of your favourite characters in the world of the supernatural?

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