A year ago if you were to ask anyone what they missed the most during the gruelling and extended periods of lockdown the answer would have been seeing their friends and family. We craved a cuddle with our parents and desperately desired intimate evenings with the girls, being starved of human interaction had an impact on us all. Much to my own surprise however, coming through the 'other-side' of the pandemic I didn't find myself eagerly jumping to fill my social calendar, instead I booked myself a holiday, alone.

When people talk about traveling solo, especially as a female, many are quick to picture a gap-year style adventure of hostel surfing and making friends for life but what I'm personally prescribing here today is a holiday, for one. A mini-break or week away where you take real time to indulge all by yourself. That could mean spending all day reading a book on the beach to you or jam packing a day with excursions to others. 

I spent the best part of two years locked down with my partner and whilst I was grateful to have had the companionship I had to live, more so than ever, within the schedule and lifestyle of someone else and though it was comfortable in the uncertain times it was also mind-numbing.

Outside of lockdown we have enough restrictions in our daily life; waking up at a certain time, going to work, doing chores, attending social commitments.....the list goes on, so when it came to taking a break I didn't want to invite along any slither of compromise of exactly what I wanted to do and when. Even when travelling with like-minded people there will always be a moment where you take time asking 'What do you fancy doing?' or 'Are you hungry?' and then follow suit with a plan of action that suits both parties. 

When you travel alone, it's your show! It's all about YOU, you can do whatever you want at any given time and as an added bonus you can reinvent yourself to be who you want to be in any situation. 

With travel borders easing and destinations opening up, planning a trip fully for yourself should be prioritized, the rumours of empowerment and liberation are all true when it comes to travelling solo as a female but after collectively making it through a global pandemic, now is the time to celebrate your freedom.......even if that does mean a sweet little staycation down the road  with your favorite a bottle of wine ;)

Written by Sabrina Chakici, TV Host & Travel Writer. For more tips on traveling solo and destination ideas check out Sabrina's Blog www.clutchandcarryon.com 

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