Men watching football

Men watching football

Over half of football fans would pay more for their flight if they were able to watch their team’s match on-board, according to research from travel search site Skyscanner.

Lufthansa and Gulf Air were the first major airlines to sign a deal which will allow them to screen Premier League matches on flights and research shows that many footy supporters would gladly pay more if it meant they could follow their team at 35,000ft.

Over 15 per cent would happily part with more than £100 extra for their seat so as not to miss that crucial fixture - that’s almost five times more than an adult ticket to cheer on the team live from the side lines.

Tottenham Hotspur and Wigan Athletic fans appear to be the most committed followers of their team and would be most likely to pay extra for a flight that was screening their team’s match rather than risk missing it.

Interestingly, female football fans would be willing to pay more than their male counterparts.

The survey found that many fans have put the beautiful game ahead of their travel plans. The survey revealed that just over a quarter of football fans have specifically planned their holidays around the fixture list to avoid missing a game while they’re jetting off.

Skyscanner’s Victoria Bailie said: “Passions usually run high when it comes to sport, as we saw last summer with thousands of people planning holidays around the Olympics.

“And our survey has found that there’s a significant appetite for top-flight football matches to be screened on flights. This should be a bonus for those families who’ve had to fit their trip abroad around those all-important matches.”

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