Drivers should be ultra-vigilant following the weekend storms as 86% of road users believe their local roads worsen as a result of flooding.


Your Legal Friend, a leading firm of personal injury solicitors, highlights the impact of localised flooding on the nation’s roads as areas such as Brighton, Gloucestershire and Lincolnshire face severe weather warnings.

The study found that deteriorating road conditions in the aftermath of flooding were more common in Glasgow with 95%. 93% of Londoners experienced bad road conditions and a further 88% in Newcastle.

The Your Legal Friend Road Report highlights the need for road users to be careful in the current poor weather conditions as nearly half of road users have been involved in a traffic accident in the past and 45% of these collisions have resulted in a personal injury. 

As well as pointing to significant accident rates across the country, The Your Legal Friend Road Report shows particular accident hot-spots when it comes to major cities.

Road users in Leeds have experienced the highest number of road traffic accidents (RTAs) with more than 55% being involved in a collision. Drivers in Edinburgh and Birmingham aren’t far behind, with 54% and 53% having been in road traffic accidents respectively. The lowest number of accidents were experienced by drivers in London where two fifths 40% had been in a collision.

The study found a further 66% of road users who have been involved in an accident believe they were not to blame for the incident. In addition, 67% of road users believe innocent victims should be allowed to seek financial redress if they suffer injuries as a result of an accident that wasn’t their fault.

Philip Waters, solicitor at Your Legal Friend commented: “Britain has the most congested roads in Europe3 and this, combined with poor road quality must be a major contributing factor when it comes to accident rates.

He added: “Accidents can have a devastating effect on the people involved, including a financial impact if people are left with injuries that mean they cannot work or need to pay expensive medical and care costs. However with the Government still consulting on plans to change the small claims limit and recent amendments to legal aid, many victims may find their ability to claim damages restricted. 

Mr Waters finished: “With so many people involved in accidents, there is a clear need to ensure those who have been injured as a result still have access to legal support and can be compensated for any losses they suffer.”


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