Naren Shaam

Naren Shaam

  1. We talk to the CEO of GoEuro Naren Shaam about these hidden gems and why it is important to travel to them.
  2. 1.       Norway: West Norwegian Fjords – Geirangerfjord
  3. 2.       Austria: Salzburg
  4. 3.       Portugal: Laurisilva in Madeira
  5. 4.       Bulgaria: Nesebar
  6. 5.       Italy: Amalfi coast
  7. 6.       Spain: Las Médulas
  8. 7.       France: Arles
  9. 8.       UK: Durham Cathedral
  10. 9.       Germany: Bamberg
  11. 10.   Russia: Volcanoes of Kamchatka

Why do you think each of these destinations has been overlooked? 

“Travellers may overlook these destinations simply because they are unaware of them. Some are relatively unknown within the UK and do not tend to be publicised or widely featured in guidebooks or by travel operators. This is in part due to the perception that these destinations are poorly connected, or more expensive, which is certainly not the case with these examples.”

Why do travellers tend to go to the same places over and over and not branch out to find hidden gems like these?

 “Going to the same holiday destination year after year is an easy option once you’ve found a place you love. British holidaymakers often find that it is easier and cheaper to book a package tour, which usually only go to mainstream destinations.

 “Travellers may also feel put off by the prospect of going somewhere which is not heavily featured on travel websites or guidebooks, as it can be daunting to plan your travel and work out the best route to get there. However, with a site such as GoEuro, which shows travellers how to get from any town or village in the UK to any European destination via coach, train or plane, travellers can be adventurous and try new places.”

 What elements did the destinations have to have to make it into the top ten list?

“All the destinations have been classed as areas of outstanding natural beauty by UNESCO and are unusual or unique in some way. Each of the towns has interesting historical architecture, a distinct culture and is off the well-worn tourist trail.”

 Why is it important to encourage travellers to visit less well-known towns and cities?

 “Less well-known destinations tend to receive far fewer tourists, which means that visitors will get a real experience of the country or region they are visiting and can gain insight into the local culture and customs. In addition, less well-known towns and cities are often cheaper as prices are set for the locals, not for tourists.”


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