Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh leads the way for the UK as the Scottish city is named one of the hottest destinations for 2013, in a top ten list revealed by travel community Gogobot.

The list showcases the best up and coming travel destinations for 2013. Edinburgh is the only UK city to make it onto the list, taking third place, above US destinations such as San Antonio and New Orleans.

The other European destinations making it onto the list are Brussels and Athens coming in at six and eight respectively, and Moscow topped the list.

Top 10 hot new destinations for 2013:

1. Moscow, Russia

Experience the unique architecture and contemporary culture in Russia's capital city. Moscow is an exciting and intriguing city packed with popular coffee houses, edgy art galleries and alluring underground clubs.

2. San Antonio, Texas, U.S.

The secong largest city in the state of Texas is infused with a mix of cultures, making for mouth-watering culinary experiences from Indian to Mexican and Asian cuisine. The streets of San Antonio are packed with shopping malls, small boutiques and some of the best eco-friendly stores, as well as boasting a thriving art scene and a number of must-visit festivals.

3. Edinburgh, Scotland

Located in south-east Scotland, Edinburgh is a city of food, festivals and all-round unforgettable fun. Museums, art galleries, parks and gardens make for some of the most beautiful places to visit while there, and Edinburgh Castle is a staple landmark definitely worth visiting.

4. Kyoto, Japan

A picturesque destination that combines comfort, class and culture, Kyoto, the former Japanese capital, offers stunning landscapes providing calmness and tranquility for visitors. Enjoy traditional geisha dances, feast at eateries overlooking the Kamo River or visit one of the 17 World Heritage sites in the city, including beautiful temples all over the city. 

5. Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.

Arts and attractions, that is what Salt Lake City is all about. Visitors can enjoy theatre, dance, music, visual arts, sports and more, all year round in this scenic city. Historical sites, theme parks and galleries are all a must-visit, keeping every member of your holiday company happy with things to do. Visit the Great Salt Lake and finish your day with a stroll in, or a visit to, one of the city's fifteen national parks and monuments. 

6. Brussels, Belgium

Littered with many 17th century buildings, including the  stunningmedieval Grand Palace, Brussels is a city seeped with history and charm. Visit one of the many daily flower markets, dine on some of the best seafood in Europe or get lost wandering the narrow streets of Belgium's beautiful capital city.

 7. Helsinki, Finland

Indulge in delicious food, quaint markets and great shopping. This Nordic country has plenty to offer all types of travellers, from awe-inspiring architecture, laid-back boulevards and squares lined with cosy coffee shops, and best of all, the friendly Finnish people.  

8. Athens, Greece

Historical ruins, modern motorways and pretty parks, Athens is a city reformed following the 2004 Olympic Games. Greece's capital city houses many sophisticated sites including the Acropolisa and the Temple of Olympian Zeus. For those who want a closer look at the mystical heritage of this place, visit the National Archaeological Museum and take in the treasures on display.

9. New Orleans, U.S.Music and great food is the life and soul of New Orleans. As the birthplace of jazz, you must immerse yourself in the smooth atmosphere down at one of the city's many jazz clubs. Don't forget to take a ride on the one of the famous streetcars and visit the French Quarter, overflowing with bars, restaurants, shopping stores and a super-lively character. 

10. Hobart, Australia

A charming city, Hobart is perched on the south-east coast of Australia, and is a lively place with waterfront cafes, restaurants and colourful houses which overlook the busy harbour lined with fishing boats and beautiful yachts. The city, according to TripAdvisor "is a unique mash-up of the 19th and 21st centuries" and boasts "an active arts scene, vibrant nightlife and leisurely daytime pace."  

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