The Maldives has long been recognised as one of the most beautiful places on earth, when it comes to ‘destination dreamland’ it doesn’t get better than the enviable palm fringed white beaches and crystal clear waters that can be found there. The location is idyllic but what makes the Maldives so special are the collection of stunning luxury resorts that scatter their way through the Indian Ocean providing ‘once in a lifetime’ holidays for those lucky enough to visit. Last month I spent a week in one of these Utopian retreats where both the sand and sea was just footsteps away from where I slept.

OZEN by Atmosphere, Maadhoo Island is a luxury five star resort where the laid back lifestyle of Maldivian life can be enjoyed with all the welcomed luxuries of the modern West.  The hotel seamlessly stretches across two small islands and effortlessly showcases the beauty of the Maldives and it’s world renowned beauty.

There are a few accommodation types on offer at Ozen but the two particular havens that hosted me for the week was the Wind Villa with Pool and the Earth Villa with Pool, both, as the name would suggest featuring it’s very own swimming pool but both differentiating in style when it came to the physical suites themselves.

Let’s start with the Wind Villa, recognisable as the iconic water villa. This is the style of stay that is very often associated with staying in The Maldives and in my opinion, it’s a novelty that never wears off.  I have traveled to the Maldives six times now and I still feel giddy with excitement every time I walk into my suite above the sea.  The wind villas at Ozen are particularly special as the space is so bright and large, so much so that you feel as though you have the entire ocean to yourself.

I also spent a few nights in an Earth Villa and the heavenly thing about these suites is the direct access to the powder white beach in front. You are spoiled for space once again with the large living area, bedroom and outdoor bathroom and though you’re no longer above it, you can still see the Indian Ocean from where you slumber. As much as I love the water villas when staying in The Maldives, there’s something so whimsical and satisfying about taking your first few steps in the morning on warm soft sand.

The paradise stay at Ozen extends to the care-free aspects of day-to-day life. For me what set the hotel aside from the others I’ve stayed in in The Maldives was the fact that the resort offers an ‘indulgence package’ that includes all meals, drinks, in-room mini bar treats and even excursions.

Though Ozen offers an ‘all inclusive’ style stay the resort boasts a unique number of restaurants and dining options with extensive menus so you’re never faced with beverage boredom or having to eat the same thing twice. There are two over-water ‘a-la-carte’ restaurants, a main dining space that serves for all three meals and a magnificent under water restaurant that puts on the ultimate show, both for your taste buds and your eyes!

The package also includes a certified PADI dive or spa treatment per guest plus daily snorkeling trips to the local reefs. There are then additional excursions for guests who want to defy the common misconception that ‘There’s nothing to do in The Maldives’. These include fishing expeditions, local island escapes, sunset cruising and if the time of year is right, the opportunity to swim with wild dolphins just a boat ride away from the resort.

The Maldives as a destination is spectacular but it’s the service provided by the hotel that makes all the difference.

Written by Sabrina Chakici, TV Host & Travel Expert. Read more from her travels at

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