Since travelling has become relatively affordable recently, many people try to take advantage of it and gain new experiences in different countries. Students also benefit from this freedom of movement. They are not very demanding when it comes to accommodation, food, and transport. By saving on this, they can even go to places deemed expensive while maintaining the budget.

However, where can you find the initial capital for travelling? How can you save money on travelling while paying your bills? Where to go to save money while travelling mid-semester? All these questions are indeed overwhelming.

Of course, you can’t pause all those student expenses you normally have and re-route that money on travel. Many students would also say: “I need EssayPro to do my homework from time to time.” Of course, these and other fees must be paid; living and other expenses can’t be cut much as well. 

Yet, there are places where you can save money while travelling mid-semester. If you want to learn more about them, read ahead!


Despite its growing popularity, Thailand still remains one of the most affordable travel destinations. You only have to pay a lot for air tickets; the rest is very cheap. This is why Thailand is on the travel list for many students across the world.

First of all, Thailand is far. For many of those who are in their 20’s, that could be their first long-distance trip. For sure, this adds a bit of romance to this destination. Apart from being cheap, Thailand is extremely beautiful. You can gain lots of different experiences while staying on a budget.


This country is not very popular among travelers although it’s very beautiful and cheap. Apart from visiting cities and villages, you can hike mountains, visit countless beaches, forests, and even deserts in Peru.

This country is heaven for budget travelers. You may not only enjoy low prices but also get paid for teaching English to locals.


Cuba has a colorful culture, picturesque architecture, and warm-hearted people. It’s a very interesting country with a lifestyle you may never encounter in any other place in the world.

However, if you choose Cuba as a travel destination, you should be prepared for certain issues you may face. For example, there might be a problem connecting to the Internet. You also may see many people waiting in lines for certain groceries that are not available freely.

Cuba is a whole new world, but you’re definitely going to love it.


If you are up for a long trip, Turkey might be a perfect destination. With the local currency constantly devaluating, tourists bringing dollars can benefit from low prices.

Despite being relatively cheap, Turkey offers lots of attractions. Here, you can find nice beaches, wonderful hiking spots, beautiful forests, amazing architecture, and learn about the country’s ancient history. If you haven’t planned your route yet, make sure you include Turkey in it.


Latin America is an interesting place to visit. We’ve already mentioned Peru as a perfect place to go, but Bolivia is also worth your attention. This country can boast about unique culture with local traditions, wonderful architecture left by Spanish conquistadors, music, local food, and other stuff.

At the same time, no worries, you won’t be spending much here. This country will let you save some cash while travelling. Yet, you will still be able to enjoy the best of the attractions Bolivia has to offer.


How about finding a little Europe in a place very far from it? Mexico offers European experiences at a much lower price. If you go there, you’ll be surprised by the striking resemblance between Madrid and Mexico City streets. Let alone all those attractions are offered for free or at a small fee.

For quite a long time, Mexico has been associated with two things – Cancun and narcotraffic. There are still a few dangerous areas that tourists should avoid. However, the rest of the country is safe and open, so you should definitely go there if you love cheap travelling.

Laos and Cambodia

These two countries in Asia offer amazing travel experiences to students who want to see the world without spending a fortune. Both countries have their own unique history, sometimes even quite tragic. But despite being so different, they are recommended to visit in one sitting.

They are both very cheap to explore. You can find a place to sleep for just $5 per night and eat for $2 per day. Most of these countries’ attractions are cheap or even free of charge. At the same time, you can find Asian luxury there as well.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is the number one place to visit for beer lovers and romantic couples. However, it’s also a perfect opportunity to spend less on a trip for students on a budget. Even though the country is a touristic Mecca in Europe, it’s still quite affordable.

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a very beautiful city that unites castles and modern bars and nightclubs. There is probably no other capital that is famous for looking like a village from a fairytale.


Croatia is another pearl in Europe. Yet, there is a strongly felt price difference when it comes to travelling expenses between Croatia and the rest of Europe. You can take advantage of it and save on your trip while gaining the best experiences.

Croatia has become well-known and loved by tourists for being a shooting place for The Game of Thrones. Since the famous TV series showed the beauty of Dubrovnik, crowds of tourists booked their tickets to this place. So, if you feel up to it, go ahead; it won’t cost too much.


When we think of travelling, we always feel limited by finances and time. Students may have the time, but they usually lack resources. The countries mentioned above are perfect places to visit while saving money. It’s still possible, so take your chance!

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