An industry insider with more than 20 years experience in the hotel industry and currently serving at Salcombe Harbour Hotel has revealed the little known top tips for getting the absolute best out of your well earned break - all without spending an extra penny.

Salcombe Harbour Hotel

Salcombe Harbour Hotel

Lifting the lid on the smartest secrets in the luxury hotel scene, there's one clear winner proven to be the simplest and most attainable way to enhance your stay - switch up your weekend away and opt for a mid-week mini break.

What's to gain from a mid-week escape? The following tips from our savvy informer suggests a lot…

  1. Mid-week offers are generally less expensive, meaning you can choose the room boasting a kingsize bed, lavish roll top and spectacular sea views - guilt-free
  2. Top spots in the spa; often booked up weeks in advance, the most popular spa slots are between 2-4pm. However, opt for a mid-week splash in the spa and you'll be much more likely to get the perfect slot. You'll also have choice of the best seat in the sauna and might even get the Jacuzzi to yourself, making you feel like a pampered star
  3. Away from the weekend, restaurants have a different ambience. Slide into a seat with the best views of the coastline and get to know your waiter for some personal recommendations from the menu. Better still, go rogue - stray away from the cocktail menu and get the barman to mix up a bespoke cocktail just for you
  4. Sneak some 'me-time' in the serene outdoor area. The waterfront rooftop terrace at Salcombe Harbour Hotel offers the ultimate escape and is a quiet haven during the week
  5. Become a regular and get to know the staff. They'll appreciate the friendly face and can give you the inside knowledge on the best local events, menu specials and activities to make your stay extra special
  6. The chef's table; during the week, you're more likely to be rewarded with a visit to the table from the chef instead of being tucked away out of sight behind the pass, why not ask your waiter next time you take a mid-week stay
  7. Super speedy Wifi; with less guests using up all the bandwidth, you can browse the web for as long as you like with no pesky interruptions
  8. Celeb spotting; for those not chained to the nine to five schedule, a mid-week break is often a popular choice so keep an eye out - you might be mingling with some VIP guests on your next mid-week stay!
  9. Private screenings; make the most of the hotel's amenities during calmer periods, for instance at the Salcombe Harbour Hotel you can access the private cinema screening room and during the week, your more likely to get it all to yourself
  10. Last but not least - just ask. There's no harm in asking for perks so don't get your hopes up, turn on the charm, and see where you get

A standard room with water view at the stunning Salcombe Harbour Hotel is available from £425 per night.

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