The quest for quirky continues onto where to drink, and we have found one that ticks all the boxes - Project 52 

Project 52

Project 52

Project 52 as we found out is one of the best bars in St Helier, describing itself as an Orwellian-inspired drinking establishment, that extends a warm welcome to those with nostalgia in their hearts and a couple of quid in their pockets.

A haven of intelligent chat and puerile laughter, where craft beers slosh cheerily next to fine wines and perfectly-formed, homemade pies; the carpets are artfully worn, the furniture is just distressed enough to be chic yet comfortable and the music is ambient.

A place where you can find great cocktails, great beers, fine wines, champagnes, good food, and learn all about gin cocktails with a tasting experience.

Places like this aren’t created, you inherit the building and all its care worn idiosyncrasies, you preserve the all that is there and carefully change it without altering it and you end up with Project 52 – cool as this!

We headed out to this gem but although it’s in the middle of St Helier town centre be warned it’s hard to find – but well worth the perseverance. Their signature is #findusandyourein so that gives you a clue, look for the buzzer on Waterloo Lane. We were lucky a kind gentleman took almost to the door, a quick buzz and we were in.

We tried a Gin tasting session to start off with these were the gins, Sippin Jersey gin with grapefruit botanicals and tonic, Hoxton Pink Gin with raspberry botanicals and tonic, Pink Pepper Gin with Red Pepper corn and pine botanicals with Mediterranean Tonic, and American Aviation Gin with Dry Ginger and rosemary.

All interesting all different and all really good.

We were well educated by the bar manager as he explained how getting the right botanicals with the drink made for the perfect cocktail adding how each garnish and mixer added to the flavors.

Project 52 has a public bar and one floor of private side rooms that if you are in a group you can hire, get food and have a fun time.

You have got to try this place its right in the centre of St Helier.

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