There are a whole host of different places you can choose to stay, in London. Many of them hold particular flair and poise, with unique features and offerings for all sorts of travellers. Assembly London, which we checked out just over a week ago (October 21st, 2019) pitches itself as the perfect location for those not just wanting to visit London, but to "live it". They offer 121 soundproofed bedrooms, and gorgeous views of the city, right in the heart of central London, and in reach of Leicester Square. So, how was our stay?

Assembly London put us in one of their Snug rooms, which offers a a double bed, air conditioning, an en-suite with walk-in power shower, all in 10 square metres. Free Wi-Fi is included which worked perfectly from the start of the stay right up until finish, and the room's decoration is unlike anything I've personally seen in a hotel I've been in before. It's stylish and modern, and who can resist the sweet rabbit statues that bring character to each room?

Beds are as comfortable as they're advertised, with storage space at either side for anything small, as well as tops to keep bottles of water for those moments in the night when you wake up with a raging thirst. There's no access to a fridge, or even glasses and other kitchenware in the Snug rooms, which did prove to be a problem when we wanted to mix our gin with lemonade, though!

Still, if you are looking to enjoy Assembly London alongside a drink, there's the The Rooftop - a bar which doubles up as a restaurant, with some delicious entries on the menu. The Bourne & Hollingsworth rooftop restaurant and bar, titled B&H Garden Room, offers panoramic views on the 10th floor, as well as quick and hospitable service. Staff are friendly at all times, and swift to adhere to your every need. The bar is however open to all members of the public so, even if you're staying as a guest, make sure you reserve a table to avoid disappointment.

Back to the room and what it had to offer! The en-suite was incredibly spacious (we were in an accessible room so other bathrooms may be a little smaller in size than ours, as the picture below shows). The power shower was great, and there was a good selection of towels for standing on outside of the shower, as well as getting dry, and leaving by the sink.

These Snug rooms are ideal for the London traveller who will be spending most of their time exploring the city and doing things away from their hotel room. It's simply a place to sleep and wash, in style. If free coffee and tea-making equipment was provided, along with a fridge and some kitchenwear, it could be turned into something even more habitable, for other types of visitors.

Still, it's absolutely a place I could see myself returning to, if not just for the brilliant staff at the front desk. From the moment we turned up, they were happy to hold our bags as we went and explored London ahead of check-in, and got to know us by opening up about themselves, and asking questions about what we were up to in England's capital. Personality is something that can often be lacking in robotic hotel staff, but those at Assembly London did away with all of that, and brought a real charm to their service.

You can find out more about Assembly London at their website, and use the promo code ASSEMBLED10 to enjoy a 10% saving on any reservations.

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