I'm not a man who demands luxury. I like a brush with it here and there, but on the whole, I feel most at home when jumping through the mud of Manchester's Heaton Park, singing along to The Courteeners on a crisp Spring evening. When I travel to London however, I like to kick back and relax, put on some nice clothes and enjoy some good food. So, when I got the offer to check out Apex Temple Court's Grand Suite, just off of Fleet Street, I jumped at the opportunity.

I arrived in London at around 4.30pm on Sunday (June 16), with a Fleetwood Mac concert scheduled to start at 8pm, at Wembley Stadium. So, with a busy evening ahead, I rushed from Euston to meet my friend, check-in and order our meals, before heading out.

Staff at check-in were incredibly friendly and hospitable. They got us from reception up to our room in just a few minutes, walking us through the hotel's new building to the third floor, where our Grand Suite was waiting. I'm not entirely sure just what I was expecting when I walked into the room, but I had the knowledge it would be amongst the most glamorous of places I've had the chance to stay. Walking in, it certainly didn't disappoint.

A large room decorated with a table and plant is the first thing you see. It seems a little curious at first, but it's the perfect little go-between for the bathroom, which is on your left, and the living room and bedroom, which are on the right.

The bathroom is beautifully decorated. A gigantic mirror runs on the wall behind the wash basin and toilet, sitting opposite a large window and bath for those who enjoy a soak. There's even a television embedded within the mirror, so you can put on some music whilst you get ready for the day ahead, or keep watching the football whilst you sit in the bath. The runaway gem of the bathroom however, is the incredible shower. Two jets sit on either side of the wall to blast your body whilst you clean up, with a soaker above your head, and a removable shower head. This means that at any one time, you can have a total of six powerful jets blasting the dirt from you.

All you'll need to bring with you, so long as you don't use specialist lotions and the like, is your toothbrush and some toothpaste. The hotel provides everything else you'll need during your stay, presenting a selection of spa items within the bathroom that can ensure a peaceful couple of hours before stomping the London pavements.

A complimentary coffee machine with pods, as well as complimentary teabags are provided in the living room, and there's a fully-stocked minibar if you fancy a drink or snack, with prices included in the in-room dining menu.

A huge sofa sits in front of another television, perfect for checking out the Women's World Cup as you eat, or take some time out from the rush of the city. It's long enough for a whole group to kick back, and is surrounded by a number of different tables, for both drinks and food.

As we were in a rush, we ordered a three course meal to the room. Not enough good can be said about the impeccable flavour in every bite, whether it be the starter, main or dessert. Apex have done a great job of putting together a menu fit for everybody.

Two members of staff brought the food to the room within 30 minutes of ordering, and set up our table as if we were sat in the restaurant downstairs. They were incredibly attentive and friendly, making sure we were comfortable as they worked around us.

As for the bedroom, an extra large double bed sat in the middle of the room, with huge wardrobes for those who were having a long stay and wanted to keep their smart clothes creaseless. Another television sat upon a desk, which was perfect for getting bits of work done, or adding the finishing touches to your look in the morning.

The bed itself was incredibly comfortable, and the perfect thing to sink into after a long day of walking over 20,000 steps and dancing around to Fleetwood Mac.

As an overall experience, I'm not sure I'll find somewhere that can beat Apex Temple Court. From the wonderful staff, to the beautiful Grand Suite, and the gorgeous food, this felt like a real once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I hope to make a return at some point in the future!

Find out more about Apex Temple Court and book your own stay by clicking here.

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