A romantic weekend filled with love, roses, champagne and romance but there is one requirement that may surprise a few.

Brits who want to escape the hustle and bustle and relax with the other half on a romantic break reveal that the top priority when booking a hotel is a luxury bathroom.

Many Brits also admit to other important components to the perfect hotel admitting that they prefer a hotel that has a central location as well as a feature bed.

Top priorities when booking a romantic getaway:

1. Luxurious bathroom e.g. freestanding bath, waterfall shower etc. - 62%

2. Central location- 53%

3. Feature bed e.g. four poster, waterbed etc. - 50%

4. in-room features e.g. mini bar, wifi, Sky TV etc. - 34%

5. Great view - 31%

Those who request a luxury bathroom on a romantic break reveal that the most important feature is the bath with 41%. Couples who aren’t fussed about a bath, 29% insist on having a shower. Luxury features such as a bidet or a second sink came in third with 14% of the votes.

Peter Gregg, Director of ukBathrooms.com, commented on the results of the research:  “The bathroom is very clearly an important room and one in which we like to relax and unwind, especially while hiding away with our loved one for a romantic break. From a walk in shower to a Jacuzzi bath, a luxury bathroom can make a difference to your stay abroad. What could be better than putting your feet up and soaking in a bath, after a day out shopping, exploring or sunbathing at the beach?”

He continued: “A luxurious bathroom really brings home the escape and extravagance of the accommodation, which is what so many of us are looking for. Even William and Kate’s honeymoon suite in the Seychelles featured the affluent ‘Bette One’ bath! This kind of bathroom luxury doesn’t have to be limited to hotels, though, and we expect to see top tier items featured in more and more home designs moving forward.”

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