Graham Bell

Graham Bell

The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton isn’t just a chance to spend a few hours in front of the telly, pass comment on the bride’s dress and then indulge yourself at a street party.

With a bit of planning you can use the day off - and all the other bank holidays - to take an extended break whilst only biting into a few days annual leave. So what if you longing for one last big blast on the ski slope?

Surely your only option would be to head for the southern hemisphere?

Well, fear not. Former Olympic skier and Ski Sunday presenter Graham Bell knows a thing or two about hunting down the best skiing experiences, and in this video he makes his way to Tignes in the French Alps.

Tignes is blessed with glacier skiing, which means you can get downhill action almost all the year round.

However, as the video reveals, it isn’t the only place in Europe that’s open at this time of year.

The advantages of spending spring on the ski slopes are also discussed, such as the longer days, the warmer weather, and getting a great deal when it comes to cheap hotels, cheap ski hire, and cheap slope passes.