We help you find the perfect base

We help you find the perfect base

Throughout the year we need to switch up our make-up and skincare products, because as the weather changes so does our skin's needs. 

The colder weather often means our skin will become dried out, even if you have oily skin, the chances are it's still dehydrated. 

Foundation alone shouldn't be pushing moisture into the skin you'll need a moisturiser, serum or oil to help do this. 

A creamy foundation, rather than a mineral powder one is most probably better for this time of year. But there's a chance you're going to need to pay a visit to your local counter because you'll most likely need to go the shade lighter, the same goes for your concealer. It's a pain, but it will blend much better on the skin. 

Hopefully these tips will help and you'll be able to find the perfect combination for you. 

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