Get that gorgeous bouncy hair look with heated rollers

Get that gorgeous bouncy hair look with heated rollers

Get coveted, glamorous bouncy hair with one simple set of tools - the heated rollers.

The key to getting this look with heated rollers is setting the hair in the correct place and making sure the rollers are in the correct position against the head.

To use heated rollers:

1. Start with roughly dried hair, sprayed with a volumising spray to give that little bit more hold to your finished look if desired.

2. Start by rolling the top of the hair. The rollers should sit on the top of the section of the hair rather than hang down, in order to get as much height to the curl as possible. The smaller the sections of hair you use, the smaller and more defined the curl will be.

You can also use rollers on the ends and middle of the length of hair to create more movement rather than full curls.

Secure the rollers with pins or clips provided.

3. When you get to the bottom of the hair, use smaller rollers to create a tighter curl, which will push the rest of the hair up at the top, giving it more volume.

4. After all the hair has been secured in rollers, blast with a light hairspray to give a bit more hold to the root and lift the whole style up.

5. When the rollers have cooled completely, take the rollers out from underneath first and work your way to the top. Be careful not to pull the rollers out as this will disturb the curl. Instead, twist the roller gently at a sideways angle so the hair slips off it and retains its curl.

6. When all rollers have been removed, use your fingers to rake through the curls to separate them and give the illustion of bigger hair. You can also use a wide tooth comb to gently backcomb and separate the curls or you can also use your fingers as a comb.

7. When you're done styling, finish off with another blast of hair spray and you are good to go!

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