It has been reported that from 2022 Wales will teach children aged 5 and above about sex. This new sex education curriculum will be focusing on sex equality and relationship issues, including: domestic abuse, LGBTQ, consent and diversity.

Sex on Female First

Sex on Female First

Currently, there is a terrible lacking in sufficient LGBTQ sex education across the world; often, young adults struggling with their sexuality are left with no option but to turn to porn for answers about sex and relationships. This shouldn’t be the case; no matter your sexuality, gender or background, education should be provided with regards to safe sex and emotional relationships.

Adult entertainment site Xtube travelled to New York for this year’s Gay Pride event, fighting for improved LGBTQ sex education. Recognising the importance of improved sex education for the entire LGBTQ community, several of their most famous amateur porn stars joined celebrities and activists alike to fight for ongoing progress.

There are a limitless number of reasons as to why we all need to join Wales in changing sex education, but Xtube are here to name just a few…

1. It's about time!

Homosexuality has been legal in Britain since 1967... after 51 years, why shouldn’t sex education cover LGBTQ+ topics? In a world that is increasingly accepting of LGBTQ+ relationships and lifestyles, and rightly so, there seems to be little logic in prohibiting young adults from being taught about safe sex, no matter who they choose as a partner.

2. Adolescent mental health difficulties are on the rise

It has been reported that 50% of mental health problems are established by age 14, and this statistic is rapidly on the rise. Worryingly, an increasing number of young teens are battling mental health difficulties, predominantly including depression and anxiety. It would be arrogant to assume that this doesn’t at all correlate with an absence of LGBTQ+ sex education; this undoubtedly gives rise to feelings of isolation and confusion, contributory factors to a shocking number of young adult mental illness cases.

3. It will help put a stop to bullying

Bullying in schools is a persistent problem; even with protocols in place, cases of children and teens behaving inappropriately continue. Unfortunately, many cases of bullying are based on LGBTQ+ stereotypes and homophobia; of course, schools inevitably hammer down on this and quickly punish guilty parties. Although, surely a better tactic to prevent this form of bullying would be to educate students about all-things LGBTQ+ in the first place? Often, judgement simply stems from naivety.

4. Celebrities are leading the way

A limitless number of celebrities actively work to support the LGBTQ+ community; from A-listers like Ellen DeGeneres to British reality TV stars, it seems an impressive number of influencers are using their platform to campaign for improved LGBTQ+ sex education. For example, Vas J Morgan (soon to appear on Celebs Go Dating), ex-Geordie Shore member Chantelle Connelly and Ex on the Beach alumni Helen Briggs all joined Xtube in NYC to campaign for this important campaign, sharing the message with their loyal followers.

5. Pop culture is in acceptance, as we should be

Hit movie Love, Simon was recently released in cinemas, and it quickly became a fan favourite; this was the first Hollywood blockbuster of its kind, centred around teenager Simon as he comes to the realisation that he’s gay. With the trailer itself highlighting a powerful scene in which Simon’s heterosexual friends ‘come out’ as straight, it seems the mainstream entertainment industry is finally embracing the LGBTQ+ genre.

6. It teaches us about more than just sex

Sex education coaches us about much more than just safe sex, this actually teaches us invaluable lessons about relationships, respect and our own emotions; understanding this should not be limited to heterosexual students. If children are taught these lessons when necessary, later obstacles (from their first sexual encounter to long-term relationships), will be much more positive and ultimately exciting, rather than daunting and somewhat foreign.

7. The whole curriculum needs a shake-up

To fulfil its purpose, British sex education curriculums need to do more than cover LGBTQ+ topics, the entire subject needs a shake-up. From the age-old videos about puberty that we’ve all sat through (and almost fallen asleep to…) to outdated cartoons and uninspired work sheets, sex education currently does little to engage students and steps need to be taken to ensure these lessons resonate with children in schools.

8. Adult entertainment shouldn't be the only answer

Many young adults who identify as LGBTQ+, often find themselves turning to adult film for all the answers, due to the absence of sufficient sex education. As the only source of information available extending beyond dull, long-hand websites, this is seemingly the only solution for a large proportion of teens.

This shouldn’t be the case; educators have a responsibility to ensure their pupils feel comfortable both within their own skin, and any relationships they maintain outside of the classroom today, or in the future. Sex education is an inevitable part of this.

9. We're failing children if we don't

Children are leaders of the future and if we fail to instil positive values surrounding mutual respect and equality, how can we expect them to create a content world? By restricting sex education, we are setting children up to fail.

10. It'll inspire others to follow suit

Wales are currently leading the way in improving their sex education curriculums, but if Britain follows suit this will undoubtedly inspire other countries and governments to consider similar changes. Our country is proud to embrace all sexualities and lifestyles, we must continue to lead the way.