Having an affair is a serious commitment. While adulterers can generally balance two different lives, finding the time to travel for an extended break with their bit on the side is tough to do. Is a private island the answer?

Sex on Female First

Sex on Female First

Illicit Encounter's spokesperson, Christian Grant, expands on the one key reason as to why such a drastic measure is needed.

"There's a misconception that having an affair is somehow very different to any other relationship - it isn't. While certain sacrifices and precautions need to be taken, for obvious reasons, the desire to spend quality time with your partner is the same as it is in every single healthy relationship."

But why don't adulterers simply book a hotel and meet up? Well, they do, but that isn't the solution to all of their problems, as Grant explains:

" It's very easy for anyone to tell their wife or husband that they have an important business meeting or are spending their evening with their friends, and they'd get away with it quite comfortably. But the odd meeting once every blue moon isn't enough for a lot of people, and using that same excuse over and over again will eventually start to wear thin.

So they try and change tact, but when they start having to justify a weekend or week-long break to their wife or husband, well that's when things start to get tricky."

"A private island is the perfect solution, by creating a space where adulterers can meet and spend time together in comfort and peace, without the fear of their husband or wife finding out looming ominously.

It ensures that, if and when they decide to take their relationship to that level, there's a viable option for them to consider."

Illicit Retreat is scheduled to open in 2017. You can register your interest now.