Superdrug Sexpert Alix Fox muses on why certain times come out on top for tapping ass, while other moments prove far less popular for passion…

Sex on Female First

Sex on Female First


“To some, 9am on a Sunday may seem a tad early for any type of strenuous exercise, but as anyone with young children will report, any time you don’t have to get out of bed before 5.30am because someone needs a feed/the potty/a cuddle after a nightmare, you’re living the dream! Lazy, languid Sunday mornings are the perfect time to make slow, sensuous, deliciously laidback love.

If you struggle to get any privacy with your partner due to early morning interruptions from school-age kids, try setting up a Duvet Deal. The children get a box of small surprise treats like comics, craft sets, colouring books, and other things to occupy them, left out on the kitchen table the night before for them to look forward to opening on Sunday a.m. – but in return, they have to let their parents have a weekend lay in (unless there’s an emergency) until an alarm clock in the box goes off at 10am.”


“Hmmm, just after closing time at the pub on a weekend evening – I reckon 11.15pm on a Saturday might be a key period for friskiness because folks feel loosened up and ready to get X-rated after a few G&Ts!

Alcohol can have all sorts of negative effects on sex, though, so do go easy at the bar before you head to bed. Granted, many people find a tipple or two can help relax them and get them in the mood to get rude, but booze can also make it tricky for men to sustain erections. Cock rings like the Durex Pleasure Ring can assist in keeping the penis harder for longer if you need a helping hand (although you should always take care using constriction rings, and never leave them on for more than 30 minutes).”


“At this point on a weekday, a lot of people are still busy at work, or preparing to pick the kids up from school. However, if you ever do get the chance for a bit of ‘afternoon delight’ – perhaps because it’s a Bank Holiday Monday, or maybe you and your partner have even found a way to grab a late lunch break together – I highly recommend getting busy at this unconventional time.

Having sex at an unusual point in the day can act in a similar way to moving the action to a different spot in the house, away from the bedroom: they’re both simple ways to break away from your standard routine that can instantly make intimacy feel fresher, more exciting, and more intense.”


“Around 7.30am on Wednesday, many folks are racing around getting ready to head to the office. Yet if you can manage to make ‘Hump Day’ live up to its name by fitting in a frolic, it can truly help boost flagging energy levels and make the week feel like less of a slog!

Try keeping strong mints in your bedside cabinet to banish morning breath, and waking up slightly earlier to have a roll around in your still-warm sheets before you have to rise and shine, or share your morning shower and enjoy a quickie beneath the spray before going about the rest of your day. You’ll be grinning throughout your commute!”


“When the big hand’s on 12 and the little hand’s on 5 at the weekend, people may well be starting to prepare dinner, or beginning to get ready to head out for a meal, for cocktails, or to a party or event. We often think of sex as something that happens at the end of a night out, after we’ve got home, but there’s a lot to be said for getting down ‘n’ dirty before you exit your front door: you’ll be less tired, and less likely to be bloated and uncomfy after a big meal.”

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