Male Romeos hoping to strike it lucky this Christmas party season are being advised to stock up on fresh coffee - after a new study found that the smell is one of the most arousing for single women.

Sex on Female First

Sex on Female First

The scientific research by coffee machine maker’s De’Longhi,  sheds a whole new meaning on that well-versed phrase at the end of an evening, ‘do you want to come in for coffee?’.

The research measured single females’ arousal levels when looking at various images of men whilst smelling different aromas.

And it found that levels of attractiveness were deemed highest by women when they smelled aftershave, followed in second place by freshly brewed ground coffee - beating natural ‘no scent’ smells, fresh linen and instant coffee.

Conducted at the Mindlab International laboratory in Sussex, the female participants aged 18-57 took part in the bio-physiological study with heart rate and skin conductance measured using ECG and EDA. 

As well as levels of attractiveness, levels of perceived intelligence and fun were also measured.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the bigger the coffee fan, the more attractive, intelligent and fun the men seemed when coupled with the fresh coffee aroma.

But overall among women - coffee drinkers and non-coffee drinkers alike – 28 per cent of the men were judged as more attractive when the women were smelling coffee than with no smell at all.

Dr David Lewis, Chartered Psychologist and Founder and Director of Research at Mindlab International, said, “It’s fascinating to see that smell has such a huge impact on our perceptions of people.

“Smell is such a strong sense, a particular perfume or the smell of the sea can bring back memories instantly, so naturally smell can have a huge influence on us in everyday life.

“What is interesting is the findings show it can influence our visual senses – making the same man seem more or less attractive or intelligent depending on what women are smelling when they see him.”

Mark Swift, Director of Marketing at De’Longhi, added, “Traditionally, to impress a girl, it was all about the car you drive, the clothes you wear and turning up with flowers on a first date.

“But the findings show that to get the woman of their dreams, guys need to make sure every little detail is just right - with smell being high up the list of priorities.

“Coffee is such an evocative smell, but cracking open a jar of instant just won’t do. Coffee made with freshly ground beans is the only way to make sure you secure a second date - my advice to single men this Christmas, invest in a coffee machine.”

With instant coffee coming last in the research, don’t scrimp on the coffee this Christmas season and been seen as unattractive, invest in quality coffee and get lucky under the mistletoe.

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