Illicit Encounters have revealed that their female users find it easier to cheat on their spouse if they are an accountant, we find out why. Call us cynical but there is an obvious undertone to these excuses.

Sex on Female First

Sex on Female First

He's reliable- He comes in at the same time every day so you can go off gallivanting and he won't know that you arrived home two minutes before him.

He earns a good wage- To keep you in those expensive lingerie sets that you wear to lure another man into your marital bed.

My family like him- His niceness makes up for your naughtiness.

He is good with our children- He may even stay with you if he finds out- for their sake.

I feel safe when I am with him- He doesn't kick you out of bed or from his car after coitus.

He's a good decision-maker- The opposite of you then- because you can't decide which man to sleep with.

He's intelligent- Just not socially aware- oblivious to the fact that his wife has a sudden interest in working late, comes home smelling like aftershave that's not his, that she shaves her legs more often and oh yeah- that she's shagging another bloke.

He takes the fear out of money matters- Just when you thought you didn't have enough to get a new slinky outfit for your bit on the side, he comes to your rescue with a surprise shopping spree at the mall. What a keeper- well for now.

He's a stress-reliever, and helps me make sense of confusing matters- If he was looking at the situation from the outside in- he would make it simple- he would leave that cheating wife of his for a woman who could keep her knickers on.

He's ethical and plays by the rules- Unlike you- but you cancel each other out right?! Wrong!