The Prince of Wales and his wife were showered with gifts on their recent visit to the Malaysian state Penang.

Prince of Wales

Prince of Wales

The 68-year-old royal and his spouse Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, were offered "fragrant garlands" and "silk shawls" to the couple when they visited the Sri Mahamariamman Hindu temple during their trip to help "attract positive vibes".

Speaking about the offering, a local historian named Preveena Balakrishnan said: "We wanted to have a fragrant garland so we chose sandalwood - flower garlands will fade and die.

"The silk shawls are given to kings and queens and we believe silk has the power to attract positive vibes."

During their visit the pair made their way to variety of religious sites for Christian, Muslim, Chinese and Hindu faiths in Penang's capital of George Town.

The duo enjoyed a walk along the Street of Harmony before they arrived at the Sri Mahamariamman place of worship where they received the gifts.

As they ambled around the sit Charles and Camilla removed their footwear as a sign of respect and enjoyed a tour of the attraction, the Belfast Telegraph Online has reported.

The pair then visited the Kapitan Keling Mosque where they both removed their shoes once again, and Camilla covered her head out of respect for the religion.

The duo were later treated to a dramatic lion dance performance before they entered the Han Jiang Ancestral Temple.

And images of Charles and Camilla at the various sites have been shared with their fans on social media.

The Clarence House Instagram has posted a string of images of them during their trip, which have been captioned: "In beautiful #Penang this morning, The Prince and The Duchess visited the Street of Harmony, where there are many places of worship.

TRH stopped at the Han Jiang Temple, St George's Church, Kapitan Keling Mosque and the Sri Mahamariamman Temple. #RoyalVisitMY (sic)."