He makes you feel safe- In other words- he wouldn't let you walk home alone after a night out or make you check out what that random noise was downstairs.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

He completely trusts you- He knows that no matter how much attention you get from other men you always have eyes for him.

He truly appreciates everything you do- From ironing his shirts to putting in time with his folks- he thanks you for the little things.

He's a good laugh- He knows how to bring you out of a slump and can make you giggle with his goofiness.

He says "I love you" when he feels it- And doesn't wait until you say it first.

He sees you as equal in everything- He doesn't have any old fashioned views of what women should be or do.

He surprises you from time to time- With flowers, a weekend away or just a flirty text.

He gives you space- He knows when to leave you alone and when to come back to you.

He tells you you're beautiful- So even when you're not feeling your best- you still feel loved.

He never forgets birthdays or anniversaries- And manages to get it right every time with the card, gift and event he chooses to mark the occasion.

He's not too needy or insecure- He doesn't need you to reassure him all the time- he knows from the things you do and the looks you give him how much he means to you.

He wants to be with you more than his friends- He would rather go on holiday with you, spend a night in with you over a night out with his mates and he prefers your company over theirs.

He always cleans up after himself- So you feel more like his lover than his cleaner.

He respects your privacy- He doesn't go through your phone and ask who you're texting.

He's happy for you to spend time with girlfriends- Because he knows that you always feel better after seeing them.

Gets as excited about holidays as you do- He has your holiday destination as his screensaver at work and he has a countdown app on his phone as a minimum.

He always puts the bins out- So you don't even have to think about that job.

He never looks through your emails- He trusts you enough not to pry.

He thinks you are the bee's knees- He clearly enjoys your company and tells you on a regular basis how lucky he is to have you.

He makes an effort with your friends- He knows how much they mean to you.

He laughs at your jokes-Even if they're naff or a bit offbeat sometimes.

He watches rubbish TV with you- He knows that you would do the same for him.

He doesn't check out women in the street- Because he doesn't need to- he has you to look at.

He makes you coffee in the morning- He's learned that you need a helping hand in the morning.

He wants sex more than once a week- So you know he still fancies you.

He likes your cooking better than his mums- But neither of you would dream of telling her.

He loves your mum- Because she's your world.

He doesn't "like" random women's pictures on social media- He wouldn't like it if you were doing that so he isn't a hypocrite.

He never leaves the car without petrol- Even if you run it down to the last sniff, he takes it and fills it up for you to make sure you don't break down.

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