Declare it's 'Happy Hump Day'- When you wake up or on email. If you can both get through today you are over half way and on the fast track to Friday- it's something to celebrate for sure. But when people at work say it to you- it's just plain weird.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Slump down on the couch- And watch an episode of Judge Judy, Come Dine with Me or a Big Bang Theory rerun until you have unwound from work and can talk to one another about your day.

Hump- Well it's all in the name- what does it matter to anyone else if you take it literally or not?

Plan a treat for getting half way through the week- A meal out, a foot rub, a take away, a bath together or a fancy dessert- getting through three days at work is worth acknowledging in whatever way you can.

Go to the cinema- Your Orange Wednesdays might have ended but the habit of sitting in a dark room every Wednesday night with lots of strangers hasn't.

Start to make plans for the weekend- You're nearly there so you're in a more positive place to start thinking about what you're going to do when you're free. You come up with suggestions you both know you will never see though but the world's your oyster as of Friday night so you dare to dream big.

Play the Lotto and the Thunderball- When last’s night’s attempt at winning the Euromillions didn’t go the way you wanted it to- you play again in the hope that your weekend can start early. 

Start to clean up your space- On Monday and Tuesday you were still shell shocked from getting up at such an unreasonable hour. But today you start to do little bits here and there so your entire weekend isn't taken up with cleaning.

Put some washing in- The basket has a started to mount up and you worry that you'll have to stop in all weekend to do laundry to get it all done. Instead you throw in a load so your home doesn't look like a laundrette come Sunday night and you're free to do whatever you want when the week comes to an end.

Give up on your healthy eating regime- And declare you'll start again on Monday because no one ever started their diet again on a Thursday- that would be silly.

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