Today is- dare I say it? A Tuesday. Yes- just a Tuesday- and if you're part of a pair- there are some things you religiously do on this day to make it more bearable. Read on and see if there's anthing you recognise in there...

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Ask your partner 'is it only Tuesday?' as you wake- Even though you both know what day it is, you hope that one of you got it wrong and it's actually Friday and you don't have four more days of work left.

Break your healthy eating regime- You decided to start undoing all the weekend damage yesterday in a bid to be good all week. You somehow manged to last all of Monday- but the second day is always the hardest. You're both craving EVERYTHING you shouldn't and give in because you're depressed it's only Tuesday and neither of you has any willpower.

Complain about how tired you are- Neither of your bodies has become accustomed to the early mornings yet so you return home in a zombie like trance and exchange grunts before snuggling up under the sofa blanket for the night- wishing the days away until the weekend.

Fight over who has to cook- If you were the last one to cook- you're in a good position because you can use the 'it's your turn' card without feeling guilty. But you know your partner is stubborn when to comes to kitchen activities.

Throw something in the oven or the microwave- Neither of you will eat unless one of you gives in- so you cave and make the easiest and unhealthiest evening meal known to man because cooking is a 'weekend' or 'rare' activity in your book.

Buy a Euromillions ticket- And imagine what it would be like to win the jackpot. And dream about having a lie in together tomorrow morning after telling work you won't be in because you don't need to earn money anymore.

Try to cheer yourselves up by acknowledging that it will soon be 'hump day'- Tomorrow is the middle day of the week and once you're past that- you are on the downward slope to Friday- but there's still three days to go.

Complain that there's nothing on TV- Game of Thrones is long gone, The Walking Dead is a distant memory, you can't agree on anything else and your Now TV and Netflix subscription has run out. Life is grim. 

Start to talk about your weekend plans- To help you get through the next few days with something to look forward to. When you can't think of anything other than staying in and watching TV, the week looks bleak.

Wish one of you'd taken the opportunity to clean the house at the weekend- You look around at the bomb site you call home and wish you had cleaned up when you had the time and the energy. You know that neither of you is going to lift a finger tonight or any other school night for that matter.

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