Rejoice that you only have one day left after today when you're heading out the door- Once you get through today you know that you have a mere 8 hours left until the weekend beckons. Like either of you could forget.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Text each other- 'Bring on home time' or 'roll on 5pm'. You're nearly there- if only the time would go by faster.

Stay up late- You don't need to be THAT productive on that last day of the week- right? Tonight is a night for another cheeky hour of doing your favourite things. 

Give into temptation- You can't leave the new boxset you've bought till the weekend- no, no, no- just one more episode…

Declare that you'll both eat less and exercise more- As you each consume the chocolate that's STILL left over from Christmas while sitting on the couch.

Make a shopping list for tomorrow- You begin with good things because you can start the healthy eating you were supposed to start this week- next week- but it slowly degenerates into convenience things…with chips.

Start drinking early- Just a little one- to get you both in the mood for Friday night- woohoo!

Talk about how your life together is going way too fast- Before you know it-it's Thursday again and you discuss how quickly the weeks are passing you by. Then you discuss what your next big milestone is as a couple- A house move? Getting engaged? Marriage? Kids? But it's too scary so you both go silent while one of you turns up the TV.

Wonder what you've done with your week- You both feel utterly disappointed with what you've achieved with your evenings when you realise it's been the same every night. TV dinner- ugh!

Start to throw around ideas about what you'd like to do after work- Join the gym? Go for a walk? Cook dinner from scratch? Eat from the table? Then you quickly realise it requires energy neither of you has after a day at work and you don't feel so bad about the TV thing after all.

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